Goxip partners with leading Astrologist Francesca Oddie To Identify The Correlation Between Star Signs And Fashion Choices

Fashion and beauty search platform Goxip collects searches and sales data and monitors active browsing behaviour to discover insights into the world’s biggest fashion trends. Despite access to what’s trending in fashion across consumers globally, Goxip wanted to dig deeper to discover why people wear the things they wear and whether astrology has an influence on fashion decisions.

Why is it that some fashionistas will happily flaunt block brights whilst others prefer to wear neutral tones? Or why some individuals embrace the wackiest of trends, whilst others gravitate towards subtle trending accessories? 

Goxip has partnered with leading Astrologer Francesca Oddie to investigate the relationship between the star sign and their effect on style, for a more in depth knowledge of the customers behind all the data, and what really drives their fashion choices. 

Your horoscope affects what you wear since your horoscope reflects and defines your tastes. It defines your psychology and is your DNA. It’s just intrinsic to who you are and the way you make decisions. The best way in life to be fulfilled is to really, really live out the truth of your horoscope”.- Francesca Oddie.

In order to help you live out the truth of your horoscope through fashion, Goxip has matched each star sign with the products, colours, items and styles most suited to them, according to the biggest trends of 2020 as shown by our data. 

*While some signs will experiment with fashion, these are the styles, colours items & trends best fitted that will have you living out the truth of your horoscope, making you feel happy and complete*



Aries are very direct. It’s ruled by the planet Mars and Mars is red. So Aries is very connected with redness. Because of Aries direct nature, clothing tends to be favoured in black and white and monochrome. Their dress style will consist of sportier looks and the star sign will opt for flats over heeled shoes any day. Aries rules the head so they like wearing hats, headbands and accessories that draw attention to this area. It’s very common for an Aries to whack a hat on. They love casual and classic basics but also aren’t afraid to wear daring pieces. 

Animal: Ram

Ruled by: Mars

Body part: Head, Brain, Eyes

Traits: Direct, impatient & passionate.

Celebrities: Mandy Moore, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Emma Watson & Kiera Knightley.


PRADA ‘Appliquéd shell bucket hat’
  • Bucket hats are popular in all colours from prints, pastel shades and vibrant brights to darker tones and black. 
  • For a designer piece, customers are loving the Prada bucket hats. Currently searches for the branded bucket hat are up 27% from last month. 
  • For printed bucket hats, Ganni is sought after in leopard print. Other popular printed bucket hat brands include Loewe, and Shein for a more affordable piece. 


PRADA ‘Red nylon shorts’
  • The bright primary is trending amongst shoppers and we’re seeing the hue lead the searches for the most wanted primary colour this month.
  • It’s all about the specific item though, bright red shorts are trending from everything from bermuda to biker. 
  • Searches for red shorts have increased 45% in the last 3 months, with shade a particular preference.  ‘Bright’ is the most used search word alongside red for clothing searches. 
  • Leading the most wanted bright red short’s are designer brands Prada and Valentino, followed by high street brands Arket and Gil Rodriguez. 


Leo rules the backbone so they are known to be brave in life and in fashion decisions. It is ruled by the sun and the sun is golden so they are bright and jazzy. The star sign will love their gold, favouring it to silver.  They will have all the gold jewellery on, their big earrings, big chunky rings, and statement pieces. A Leo’s style will embrace all things glitter and sequins, and vibrant colours and prints will take over their wardrobes. They will pay extra attention to bright pink, leopard print and animal print because Leo is a cat. Their signature appearance makes them extremely easy to spot in their leopard print, bright pink, gold combination. They rule the heart and hair and so making their hair the star of the show is likely. 

Animal: Cat

Ruled by: Sun

Body part: Heart and hair, spine, upper back.

Traits: Creative, dramatic, & generous.

Celebrities: Jennifer Lopez, Demi Lovato, Madonna & Whitney Houston.


Beach Riot ‘Piper – leopard print stretch jersey leggings’
  • The print has catapulted into success this year, with searches for ‘leopard print’ up 71% compared to this time last year.
  • The print has garnered a surge of interest across a wide selection of items including tops, dresses, swimwear and accessories. However currently sportswear is topped the most wanted in our data.
  • The most sought after item in the print are leopard print leggings, as repped by Jennifer Lopez. 


FENDI ‘F-logo large gold hoop earrings’
  • The cult favourite accessory that surged throughout lockdown is still at an all time high, with gold hoops outselling silver at a rate of 2-1. 
  • Women are opting for large chunky style hoops, with mini hoops following second. 
  • It’s not just classic hoops that are trending though, with worded hoops a popular choice too. The most popular pair are the Louis Vuitton Louise Hoop Earrings as spotted on Leo born Maya Jama in an Instagram post in May, 2020


Sagittarius is fire, so it’s all about maxi dresses and maximalism, cultural accessories and colour vibrancy. Sagittarians will often want to accentuate their hips drawing attention to this body part as the sign rules the hips, whether that’s jeans or a dress. They are loud and proud and out there but not too considerate of the finer details. It’s like whack it on. It’ll be fine. They are not highly styled and their easy going nature means they’re happy in comfortable casuals matched with unique and distinctive pieces. 

Animal: Centaur 

Ruled by: Jupiter

Body part:  Hips, thighs and liver.

Traits: Optimistic, adventurous & honest.

Celebrities: Hailey Bieber, Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj, & Christina Aguilera.


BALENCIAGA ‘Printed neon stretch-jersey t shirt’
  • Neon brights were showcased across SS20 designer shows but the vibrant shade has crossed over into the everyday world proving popular amongst shoppers in recent months.
  • Sporty clothing pieces are leading demand for the daring trend, with the most popular pieces crop tops, jackets and shorts. For a more subtle neon touch, bags are popular by brands Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfield and Prada. 
  • Searches including the words ‘neon’ and ‘fluorescent’ are collectively up 21% in the last 3 months.


GIANVITO ROSSI ’70 suede sandals’
  • While lace up sandals and heels are more commonly worn attached to the ankles and legs, …this year, the trend consists of wrapping them on top of the trouser. Whatever the approach, searches tell us they’re trending. 
  • Searches for ‘laced up heels’, ‘lace up sandals’, ‘ankle strap heels’ and ‘ankle strap sandals’ are collectively up 33% compared to this time last year.
  • The style is popular in everything from neutrals to vibrant colours, and even prints.



Taurus is very earthy but very sensual. It’s one of the signs of luxury. It’s ruled by Venus. And so velvet and silk are Taurus sign favourites. Taurus rules the senses; the smell, the taste, texture and so everything will be very sensual. They will often have a nice scent, so perfume will be a necessity.  A Taurus will spend time beautifying, so their make up and beauty is always quite pronounced. The sign is earthy at its core, and so they will love additions of floral to their wardrobes. Taurus rules the neck, so a necklace will be a sought after accessory, whilst a scarf will work for colder months. 

Animal: Bull

Ruled by: Venus

Body part: Throat, neck and vocal chords.

Traits: Stable, patient & stubborn. 

Celebrities: Penelope Cruz, Cate Blanchett, Gigi Hadid & Chiara Ferragni. 


GANNI ‘Leopard-print silk scarf’
  • Silk sets are dominating more than just sleepwear this year, with influencers and celebrities turning silk scarves into tops. Searches for ‘silk pajamas’ are up 21% in the last 3 months, whilst searches for ‘silk scarf tops’ are up 40%.
  • Silk scarves’ versatility and multiple purpose ability is making this piece a much needed fashion accessory. It can be doubled up as a handbag embellishment, switched into a necklace or worn as headwear. Regardless, they are very much having a moment.  
  • Currently, the most sought after silk scarves are by Hermes, Versace and Emilio Pucci, with other popular brands including Arket, Ganni and Max Mara. 


ISABEL MARANT ‘Crochet knit cropped jumper’
  • Demand for the fabric is trending across accessories and clothing categories with the most popular items ranging from crochet bucket hats and cropped crochet sweaters to crochet swimwear. 
  • Searches for clothing alongside the word ‘crotchet’ is up 56% compared to this time last year. 
  • The brands ruling crochet this season are Isabel Marant, Scala and brand GCDS – as worn by Dua Lipa in June 2020.


Virgos are very neat and like to look tidy no matter the outfit, and will pay high attention to the details. You might see them rocking a pair of glasses to tie their polished look together. With a love for simple clothing, basics will rank up high for the star sign and a wardrobe must have for a Virgo is a little mini skirt. It’s all about mini everything and the LBD will be the perfect timeless piece. In the 60s, there were a lot of planets in Virgo,  and in particular it was Uranus and Pluto that handed us the mini skirt. Clothes will be in muted tones due to its earthy nature.

Animal: Bear

Ruled by: Mercury

Body part: Digestive system, intestines and spleen. 

Traits: Neat, painstaking, & humble.

Celebrities: Nicole Richie, Blake Lively, Rachel Bilson.


JACQUEMUS ‘Alzou cropped cardigan’
  • Cardigans are no longer a fashion faux pas with the item trending in pastels as well as grandma inspired pieces with embroidered details.
  • The most sought after style is cropped, buttoned up and worn with nothing underneath. Searches for ‘cropped cardigans’ are up 52% in the last 3 months.
  • The most wanted brands are Jacquemus, Miu Miu, & Other Stories, & Acne Studios.


NIKE ‘Court dri-fit tennis skirt’
  • White pleated mini tennis skirts have rocketed into demand in 2020, with Urban Outfitters, Fila and Nike the most wanted brands.
  • As well as white, the sporty athleisure item is trending in navy, black and grey. 
  • The preppy trend has caused a 78% rise in searches for ‘pleated skirts’, with ‘short’ and ‘mini’ the most sought after length. 


A Capricorn will favour classic colours and muted tones. Beige, black, and navy will saturate their wardrobes. They are the greatest precedent for being suited and booted. Fashion style centres around smart and structured pieces and a structured blazer will make them feel right at home . The ambitious and practical star sign will wear good tailoring or smart uniform in neutral colours because they are both comfortable and functional. Capricorn rules the teeth and skin so they will likely have a glowing complexion and good teeth. 

Animal: Goat 

Ruled by: Saturn

Body part: Bones, teeth and skin. 

Traits: Realistic, focused & ambitious.

Celebrities: Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Kate Bosworth & Kate Middleton. 


ACNE STUDIOS ‘Black summer wool blazer’
  • Oversized blazers peaked in April and have again attracted popularity this month with searches for women’s blazers up 22% compared to last month.
  • The search word ‘oversized’ alongside blazers has been used more than 6000 times. 
  • The most in demand oversized blazers are by brands Jacquemus, Lemaire, Arket & The Frankie Shop.


PROENZA SCHOULER ‘ Off white tulle-trimmed knit ribbed tank’
  • Basics just got an upgrade with this highly sought after take on the classic cami, with knitted, sheer and ribbed fabrics causing spikes in our data.
  • Searches for tank top, top and cami including the words ‘ribbed’, ‘sheer’ and ‘knit’ are collectively up 9% week on week.
  • The most in demand brands for the textured tank are Jacquemus, Proenza Schouler and & Other Stories. 



Gemini is so varied. Yellow has the best influence on the star sign with its capability to inspire cheerfulness and stimulate their inner child. Due to a Gemini’s sociable tendencies, they are here, there and everywhere, and they won’t be afraid to embark on all the trends. Since they are so versatile, they can effortlessly transition from wearing their joggers in the day, to something far dressier at night. Gemini rules the hands so they’ll often wear rings to accentuate this feature.  

Symbol: Twins

Ruled by: Mercury

Body part: Arms, lungs, hands and nervous system.

Traits: Changeable, curious, & intellectual.

Celebrities: Natalie Portman, Angeline Jolie, Emily Ratajkowski, & Courtney Cox.


ASCENO ‘The bordeux silk-satin midi dress’
  • Contrary to the last couple of month’s, where demand for pastel yellow was at a high, a brighter shade of buttercup yellow has taken the lead, supporting a shift towards the primary colour spectrum. 
  • The particular shade of yellow as seen on Jacquemus, Nina Ricci, Preen by Thornton Bregazzi and Victoria Beckham runways is causing waves in fashion searches this month. The most sought after pieces are blazers, satin dresses, bikinis and even dad jumpers despite the heat. 
  • The brands dominating customer searches are Lovers + Friends, Harmur and Tibi. 


GRACE LEE ‘Resin, diamond and gold ring – mint’
  • Compared to last year, searches for the jewellery piece have increased 54%.
  • Demand is only continuing to grow with searches for ‘resin rings’ up 12% week on week.
  • With influencers, the more the merrier seems to be the theme, wearing multiple at once. The most popular brands on Goxip are Marni, Grace Lee and Signature Gold. 


Libra is a sign of refinement. It’s ruled by Venus again, like the Taurus, but it’s the other side of Venus, so it’s much more well put together. The Libra is very matchy matchy and coordinated sets will make them feel confident. Their shoes and belt will be matching and even their handbag choice will be well thought out to compliment their outfit. Little two piece twin sets will be admired for looking very clean and thought through. Everything is very smart in their dress sense and they’ll have beautifully ironed clothes because they will like to highlight their manners. Good manners is good dressing and everything about Libra is polite and presentable, including their appearance.

Symbol: Scales

Ruled by: Venus

Body part: Kidneys, skin, lower back and buttocks.

Traits: Polite, idealistic & diplomatic.

Celebrities: Kim Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Winslet, & Camilla Belle.


BOOHOO ‘Knitted crop cardigan and shorts co-ord’
  • Matching sets have garnered interest in shorts, trousers and skirts with tops. 
  • Matching set loungewear also governed interest in pastels and tie-dye print
  • peaking in April but it’s the dressier options that are now heading the twin set trend. 
  • Searches for ‘coords’ are up 33% from this time last year. 


ALIGHIERI ‘The Wasteland 24kt gold-plated choker necklace’
  • Searches for items including the word chain have increased 79% in the last 3 months.
  • The trend is chunky and bold and whilst necklaces are the favoured accessory, there’s high demand for bracelets too and bags with chain embellishments. 
  • It’s gold that customers are going crazy for and searches for ‘gold chain necklace’ are up 18% since last month. 


Aquarius is kooky and crazy. They will have asymmetric everything, including hairstyles and dress lengths. With their unconventional nature, they will experiment with mismatching and like wearing boy jeans. Aquarians will be more drawn to androgynous style pieces and are more likely to wear ungendered dressing items, with intention to stand out and not conform. They won’t be the ones to follow the trends. There’s just something that says, hello, I’m not here to fit in. The star sign might use versatile makeup, body piercings and tattoos as a way to demonstrate their alternative character. Aquarius rules the eyes so they might be spotted wearing eccentric glasses. 

Symbol: Water bearer

Ruled by: Uranus

Body part: Ankles, eyes and circulatory system.

Traits: Unconventional, quirky, & assertive. 

Celebrities: Emma Roberts, Denise Richards, Shakira, & Jennifer Anniston. 


STAUD ‘Moon mini leather tote’
  • The quirky bag trend is in high demand, with three of the most wanted bags of 2020 focusing on the asymmetric style. 
  • 4 out of the top 10 most sought after bags on Goxip right now are inspired by the half moon shape including; APC Demi-Lune Bag, PRADA Re-edition 2005 Nylon Tessuto, The ROW Half Moon Bag and House of Sunny Icon Bag. Staud is another popular moon shaped bag on Goxip.
  • Searches for bags, using the search words; ‘moon’, ‘half moon’, and ‘crescent’ are up 25% in the last month. 


THE ROW ‘Beige marco shorts’
  • Searches for women’s ‘bermuda shorts’ have risen 41% over the last 3 months..  
  • The most viewed brands for suit style bermuda shorts are The Row, Givenchy and Bottega Veneta. 
  • The most popular colours for suit style bermuda shorts are neutral tones, black, grey and beige, but blue denim is also sought after for the comfy boyfriend style take on the look. 



Cancer is ruled by the moon. The moon is white and so Cancerians will feel good in pearls, which look like mini moons. They will feel fulfilled in white flowing clothes, something that is spacious and roomy. The moon is also cyclical, so Cancerians tend to be engaged with changing trends, which are also cyclical in nature. The moon is connected to our past, our and our emotions, so little vintage pieces will capture their heart. With emotions a key trait of the star sign, you’ll notice that a Cancerian might dress according to their mood and how they’re feeling too. Cancer rules the breasts so they will wear items that accentuate their cleavage. 

Animal: Crab

Ruled by: Moon

Body part: Chest, breast and stomach.

Traits: Nurturing, sensitive, & moody.

Celebrities: Ariana Grande, Khloe Kardashian, Pamela Anderson, & Selena Gomez.


BOTTEGA VENETA ‘ Cotton-blend soft white bra top’
  • Underwear as outerwear is trending this year, with searches for ‘bra tops’ up 39% in the last 3 months. Popular brands include Dion Lee, Normal Kamali and Givenchy.
  • This Givenchy Blush Satin Bra Top as worn by Kaia Gerber on the designer’s SS20 runway last year has almost completely sold out. (With 2 pieces left in stock and at 50% currently off, 2 very lucky customers will have to act fast). 
  • Whilst the skin-baring item might be controversial, pairing it with pieces like blazers, shirts or a matching cardigan will speak volumes with a little less exposure. Cashmere bra tops saw a surge in demand after Katie Holmes wore one with a matching cardigan and Khaite was the most searched brand for bralettes the following month. 


ALEXANDER MCQUEEN ‘ Puff sleeve gathered cotton mini dress’
  • Demand for puff-sleeve remains constant and the trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere with searches for all clothing including the sleeve detail up 24% month on month.
  • Puff sleeve items are most popular in dresses, followed by cropped tops. 
  • Over the summer, there’s been particular demand for clothing with puffed sleeves in white and bright pink. 


Scorpio rules the sexual organs so they will feel best dressing in a sultry and even tempting manner. They will thrive in black leather and sexy pieces with tight jeans, sexy boots, and black eyeliner star sign favourites. Black will dominate the wardrobe of a true Scorpio. Their appearance will ooze mystery eroticism and the allure and enigma of black, dark red and sooty colors will portray a definite distinct distance. Scorpio will use this demeanour to appear mysterious and they like that vibe.

Animal: Phoenix

Ruled by: Pluto

Body part: Reproductive systems and Sexual Organs.

Traits: Intense, penetrating, & transformative.

Celebrities: Katy Perry, Kelly Osbourne, Julia Roberts, & Kendall Jenner.


THE ROW ‘Black hook and loop leather and neoprene sandal’
  • Chunky black sandals are the most sought after style for spring/summer footwear this year. Although the hype is for sandals in black, other sought after colours include beige.
  • Searches for the black ‘Chanel Dad Sandals’, as sported by instagram influencer and style icon Matilda Djerf in multiple outfits, are up 63% since last month. 
  • Other popular brands include Prada, Arket and The Row. 


CELINE ‘Show rectangular acetate sunglasses’
  • As with every year and pretty much every season, sunglasses are a key outfit staple. The rectangular style frame has replaced the cat-eye according to searches.
  • Searches for sunglasses alongside the search terms ‘rectangular-frame’, ‘square-frame’, ‘rectangular’ and ‘square’ are up 45% since this time last year. 
  • The most wanted brands are Chanel, Stella McCartney and Ray-Ban, with customers opting for classic colours like black and tortoiseshell. 


Pisces Is traditionally very floaty, very flowing, and very feminine. The water sign is drawn to beautiful, mermaid hues with blues, greens and purples all time favourites. They will feel prettiest in pastel shades which reflect their non confrontational nature and ability to get on with everybody. Being the most bohemian of the bunch, their style resembles modern festival attire and Coachella vibes more than any of the other signs. Pisces also rules the feet and so shoes will add the finishing touch to their outfit. They’ll want to show off this feature with open toe sandals or open toe heels. As unique individuals with creative souls, a Pisces might also stray from the norm and experiment with their style. 

Animal: Fish

Ruled by: Neptune

Body part: Feet, ankles and lymphatic system.

Traits: Intuitive, perceptive and mystical. 

Celebrities: Olivia Palermo, Jessica Biel, Cindy Crawford & Millie Bobby Brown.


GANNI ‘Horse print pintucked cotton smock dress’
  • Searches for ‘smock dresses’ have increased 49% over the last 3 months, with searches peaking in June.
  • The most wanted brands are by high street brands & Other Stories, Topshop & Asos and high end brands Marc Jacobs, Reformation & Ganni.  
  • We’ve seen particular interest for smock dresses in floaty florals, animal prints and colour blocks, with particular demand for bright pink, as well as toned down white.


BOTTEGA VENETA ‘Padded sandals’
  • The 90s style footwear is still massively popular thanks to Bottega Veneta’s Padded Heeled Sandals, but since then the shoe style has gained popularity in other brands from Public Desire and Chio to Neous.
  • Searches for Bottega Veneta’s square toe style sandals are up in searches 22% month on month.
  • This summer, the colour seems to be go bright or go home with block bright colours the most sought after. 

Francesca Oddie adds, “you will feel best if you truly live out the truth of your horoscope however in exceptions you might wear what you’re missing. Whilst naturally fiery signs are more colourful, if you’re lacking fire subsciously, you might want to bring some fire into your life”.