About Goxip

Goxip is a Fashion and Lifestyle Search Platform, with over 5 million products ranging from fashion to beauty and lifestyle, from over 36,000 global brands, meaning we have access to millions of data points every day to identify shopping habits around the world. Through real-time insights, Goxip can react fast, sharing accurate insights into active trends and global search and sales behaviour.



Goxip introduced RewardSnap to its brand in 2018. RewardSnap is a leading techstyle social commerce platform, with over 1000 partner influencers. With total access to online customer user behavior and influencer data, we are able to analyse popularity of influencer inspired purchases, to see which influencers are driving the most interest for their fashion looks and which are the top brands and products wanted by our customers and inspired by our influencers.  As we monitor the influencer’s best looks, most popular brands and products, Goxip is able to spot what’s trending in fashion and beauty across the globe.

For data enquiries and bespoke statistics:

Global Communications Manager Yasmine Bachir [email protected]

Communications Assistant Tia Jotwani [email protected]