LOEWE ‘Strap Oversized Men’s Shirt’

Goxip has examined the browsing and buying activity across the course of 2020, monitoring the searches, sales, and active page views, to discover the trending products and styles most wanted by customers. Amongst the highest trending styles, products, and even prints, Goxip confirms gender neutralism is dominating consumer behaviour across the men’s and women’s categories. 

At the start of the pandemic, Goxip saw a flood of interest for loungewear, dubbing the look ‘quarantire’, however it seems the need to dress up has taken over, specifically across women’s suiting, with mannish tailoring officially dominating the searches and sales of female shoppers in recent weeks.



  • Searches for ‘women’s blazers’ have increased 85% since this time last year. 
  • The style wanted this year for the item is big and broad. Alongside the word blazer, searches using the words ‘oversized’ are up 21% since January.
  • The week after Hailey Bieber wore a dark green TRE by Natalie Ratabesi skirt suit in Paris in February earlier this year, there was a surge of interest for the brand, but it was the oversized blazer that led the demand with searches specifically for ‘TRE green blazer’ up 59% the following week
VETEMENTS ‘Oversized Pink Crepe Blazer’


BOTTEGA VENETA ‘Leather Bermuda Shorts’
  • Searches for women’s ‘Bermuda shorts’ have risen 61% since January.  
  • The most viewed brands for suit style bermuda shorts are The Row, Givenchy and Bottega Veneta.
  • Despite jean bermuda shorts making waves in 2017 fashion, the shorts with a boyish charm have returned in women’s searches this year, peaking in May. Searches for ‘denim bermuda shorts’ have risen 22% since this time last year. 

UNRAVEL PROJECT ‘Structured Shoulders Waistcoat’


  • Currently women’s waistcoats are selling at a rate of 4-1 compared to the men’s versions.
  • In the last month,  searches for women’s ‘waistcoats’ and ‘vests’ have risen 37%.
  • The cult item is most sought after by more affordable brands including COS and Zara. (Whether customers are not splashing out considerably for the look, believing it to be a short lived trend or not, Goxip confirms they’re definitely having a moment right now). 
  • The most desired colours are black, followed by grey.  



LEMAIRE ‘Croissant Large Panelled Canvas Cross-body Bag’
  • Men’s bags including cross body bags, pouches and micro bags are trending right now. Searches are up 68% since January.
  • Currently the most sought after brands of men’s bags are Loewe, Lemaire, Balenciaga, and JW Anderson.
  • Goxip analysis across the bags category revealed that on 2 days last month, there were more searches for men’s bags than women’s bags. And the most commonly used search word was ‘cross body bag’. 


JW ANDERSON ‘Mystic Paisley Print Deck Shorts’
  • Vibrant prints including animal, paisley, floral and tie-dye are up 61% this year. 
  • Thanks in part to Joe Exotic too, demand for animal print across the men’s category skyrocketed this year. Searches for items including the word ‘leopard print’ are up 31% month on month. 
  • The most wanted brands in vibrant prints including animal, tie-dye, floral and paisley are Versace and JW Anderson
  • We saw Jonathan Anderson showcase his well recognised nomadic bohemia in Loewe womenswear take centre stage at the Men’s Spring/Summer 2020 catwalk last year. Demand specifically for the  ‘paula’s ibiza’ range across the men’s category is up 21% month on month in searches.


ASOS ‘Skinny Denim Biker Short in Black’
  • The shorts have gotten shorter this year, even across the swimwear category where there’s been a 39% rise in shorter style men’s swim trunks, with searches for longer style ‘board shorts’ also down 21% this summer.
  • The most viewed shorter style shorts over the last month are by high end designers Gucci, Moshino and Loewe and high street brands Asos, Topman and Nike.
  • This year, silk has become a favourable fabric amongst male shoppers and we’ve seen over 300 searches specifically for ‘men’s silk shorts’ in the last month alone.
  • Searches for ‘boxer shorts’ have increased in demand this year with boxer shorts as outerwear trending. Searches are up 18% week on week. 



  • Since the start of 2020, there has been been a 21% rise in searches for unisex clothing.
  • The most popular gender neutral brands as wanted by consumers this year are Telfar and Toogood.
  • We’ve had over 650 searches for Grace Kelly’s granddaughter Pauline Ducruet’s brand ‘alter’ since the start of 2020.

COLLUSION* ‘Oversized Unisex Check Blazer’


DRIES VAN NOTEN ‘Multicolor Neon Floral Blazer // LEMAIRE ‘Grey Wool Blazer’

  • Despite a surge in interest for more vibrant prints and colours this year, demand for minimalist pieces are at an all time high. The blazer is wanted by both men and women this year and whilst demand for the clothing item is high for both categories, we’ve noticed differences in the details. Men are wanting bolder, printed blazers, whilst women are looking for plain styles in neutral colours.

ISSEY MIYAKE ‘Ramie Shirt’ // ACNE STUDIOS ‘Inverted White Seams Shirt’

  • White quite unsurprisingly tops the most wanted colour for shirts in both men’s and women’s wear. The simplistic style favoured by both female and male shoppers is one of the most consistently purchased pieces on Goxip. On average a white shirt is searched every 17.5 minutes.  


DESIGNBLONDON ‘Layered Neck Chains in Silver’
  • Searches for chain necklaces have catapulted into success this year. And whilst Connell from Normal People might have inspired men to purchase the piece, women are wanting chain necklaces too. 
  • Daintier versions are wanted amidst the men’s category, whilst women are opting for oversized
CHANEL ‘1990’S CC Chunky Chain Necklace’
  • All in all the chain necklace is a mutually loved accessory and collectively searches have increased 58% across both the men’s and women’s category since January.