Another Year Wiser Facial Oil 30ml

USD 34
Bottling the scent of a tall iced tea in the late afternoon, surrounded by a light sea breeze and notes of geranium and cypress, London based Neighbourhood Botanicals whips up the Another Year Wiser facial oil. Packed with squalane and wheatgerm anti inflammatories, the vegan formula helps to calm and repair skin. Infused with essential fatty acids and vitamin E, it helps skin to maintain elasticity and supports a strong cell structure. Packed into fully recyclable packaging, it'll help curb excess moisture and maintain a healthy pH balance. Neighbourhood Botanicals Another Year Wiser facial oilSuitable for mature or dry skinApplication: Best applied on a damp clean face, so the oils can trap the moisture into your skin; warm a few drops between your fingers, then pat into skin30mlVegan, cruelty free; recyclable packaging; free from silicones, synthetics, alcohol and sulphatesMade in the U.K.