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Y2k aesthetic is the favourite style among celebrities likes kendall jenner and JENNIE


Dion Lee, an Australian designer brand, is gaining traction in the middle of the Y2K boom. The brand is favored by fashion icons BLACKPINK, and even Dua Lipa and the Hadid sisters are devotees, making it as popular as other well-known big names. If you are a "dangerous girl" who likes Y2K fashion, you must be familiar with Dion Lee!

Award-winning designer Dion Lee

Dion Lee launched his eponymous label in 2009 after graduating from one of Australia's most iconic fashion schools, Fashion Design Studio, and was the first person ever to hold a fashion show at the Sydney Opera House the following year. He has been hailed as "the future of Australian fashion" since his debut.

avant-garde and daring

Dion Lee's designs are neither conventional nor commercial, and he likes experimenting with numerous silhouette possibilities above exact fitting. He employs an architectural approach to tailoring and luxurious fabrics, resulting in inventive and spacious silhouettes; on the other hand, he prefers to use close-fitting silhouettes to highlight the curves of the wearer's body, pushing the silhouette to its limit.

A gender-neutral design language

Dion Lee has gone beyond the traditional framework of men's and women's clothing and incorporated a lot of gender-neutral imagery into its designs, such as adding large cut-outs to men's designs or skin-tight suspenders, mixing details previously seen only on women's clothing with men's clothing to make men very sexy as well.

Gaining popularity among celebrities

BLACKPINK has been seen wearing Dion Lee's clothing in music videos and on stage, increasing the brand's exposure, and European and American fashion icons such as Dua Lipa, Gigi Hadid, and Bella Hadid have been seen wearing Dion Lee's clothing, making Dion Lee one of the most sought-after brands. Dion Lee has established himself as a sought-after top-tier brand.

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