To quench your skin's thirst, try out these Facial Treatment Essences and Toners!

Toner not only hydrates and moisturizes the skin after face washing, but it also provides a good platform to carry out other skincare treatment steps.

A Japanese invention that gradually entered the European and American skincare scene, they are “Face Treatment Essence ”. As an upgraded version of toner, it adds high concentration of ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and vitamin C to the ingredients of toner, so that toner plays a more significant role in maintenance of skin function and proliferation.

IPSA - The Time Reset Aqua $330 W

IPSA - The Time Reset Aqua W, which has received great praise from beauty YouTubers, is made for all skin types, including oily, and skin with acne prone sensitivity. This alcohol-free formula has been blended with vitamins E and C, which is hydrating and refreshing on skin, thanks to peony root extract. It is brilliant to remove blackheads and give clean, soft and smooth base to the skin.


The CLARINS CLARINS MULTI-ACTIVE TREATMENT ESSENCE, often known as the "Girl's Night Out" potion, is an age-defying botanical mixture created specifically for women over the age of 25. The brand has also released 35+ Revitalizing & Firming Serum and 45+ Age-Defying Serum, both of which are primers and anti-aging serums.


Every lady has heard of the fantastic results of SK-II and the magical effect of PITERATM, which gives it its name,”Miracle Water” . PITERATM, derived from yeast fermentation, includes over 50 micronutrients such as vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and organic acids that are swiftly absorbed to improve the skin's brightness, suppleness, and smoothness.


If you're looking for an anti-aging toner, Dior's CAPTURE TOTALE LE SÉRUM is a must-have skincare product that combines 75% of the ultra-high concentration of Fermented longoza extract and H.A. poly-filler technology, which has been found to have an instant plumping shiny impact.

SHISEIDO White Revitalizing Softener Enriched$680

SHISEIDO skin care water, commonly known as "platinum water," reduces the appearance of numerous indications of aging. It contains "VP8 brightening and anti-aging ingredients" to repair collagen in the skin's base for the girls who are most worried about whitening and anti-aging. Smooth, hydrating, but not sticky at all.

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