DHC - Protein Diet-Only Shaker Cup 1 Pc

Brand from Japan: DHC. Shaker cup which can shake DHC protein diet quickly and beautifully. A shaker cup with a spreading mouth and with a scale. Size design easy to grasp in the hands of women. Since the hands come in, you can wash them properly to the bottom. How to use: Pour water (350ml) into the shaker. Place the DHC Protein Diet 1 bag in the shaker. Close the lid of the shaker tightly and shake well. Add ice or adjust the amount of water according to your preference. Do not leave it, enjoy as soon as possible. Care instructions: After use, wash promptly. When cleaning, do not use abrasive containing sponge, metal scrub, cleanser, etc. Do not use dishwasher / dryer. Do not wash with boiling water. If dirt remains on the lid or grooved part of the main body, it may cause mold and liquid leakage. Wash thoroughly and dry thoroughly.