Make a style statement with these capes for women. A dramatic silhouette is guaranteed if you shop these styles, that combine flowing fabrics with unique closures. Browse fashion brands including Phase Eight, Erdem and Junya Wantanbe and stand out when you take to the street. Wool ponchos have a hippy chic vibe to them, while silk kimonos are an easy way to elevate jeans and a T-shirt. Headed to a wedding? Pop a beaded bolero on over your gown for a glamorous look.

Hong Kong 最好的女士外套和大衣

瀏覽Stella Mccartney,Carolina Herera,Gucchi,Miu Miu等品牌的最新設計師外套。 投資你的下一個冬天大熱單品,或選購一個華麗漂亮的風衣。 你值得擁有有個性的時尚風格。 我們的外套外衣的每個女生都要擁有的單品。從具有永恆魅力的風衣到大膽的設計外套,由簡約到超現代風格 - 在Goxip中,您始終可以找到新衣櫥的最愛。 你衣櫥裡唯一需要的大衣和外套。 想要一個簡易的上班造型? 經典的風衣必然是個好選擇,又或者著上我們的西裝外套,是專業的必備單品,去雞尾酒派對也可以。 準備出去聚會? 可以考慮金屬色調裝飾外套,或者是豹紋印花。 高質素的冬季外套可以幫你保持溫暖和別緻。 如果你想要一些優雅感覺,你可以選擇腰帶外套風格。 無論任何場合,皮革外套都一定可以配搭得天衣無縫,而想更加型格的,電單車夾克是你必須的單品。 當你想保持休閒時,一件牛仔外套真的很易配搭。但是我們外套的多元化足以令你有第二個想法。 溫暖的秋天顏色外套可以搭配一條闊身牛仔褲和時尚單肩包 給你的冬季衣櫃增添一絲新味道 對於想要在時尚中有更多選擇的女士們,我們有各種披肩,披風,和服設計等等。您可以將其與令人驚嘆的剪影,雪紡和絲綢混紡等華麗材質混搭,或在羊毛混紡中保持暖和。 而雨披外套或披肩可以完美地完成秋季造型,而斗篷款可以給你一個時尚的分層感覺。 而對於那些潮流女士來說,我們有最好既流蘇,磨損設計等等的大衣和外套,可以給你比較大膽的造型。 在Goxip上購買女士的大衣和夾克! 我們的天橋款外套和大衣擁有一切你需要改造你冬季衣櫃的元素。查看最新的款式,把握最新的減價,選購你最愛的單品吧!

Best Women's Designer Coats & Jackers in Hong Kong

Browse the latest designer outerwear from brands like Stella Mccartney, Carolina Herera, Gucchi, Miu Miu, and much more. Invest in your next winter statement piece, or snatch a deal on a gorgeous smart-looking trench coat. Your unique style deserves it. Every woman needs to have both staple and statement coats and jackets to wrap up an outfit. From trench coats with a timeless appeal and a flattering silhouette to oversized daring numbers that can make an outfit go from basic to ultra modern in seconds - at Goxip you can always find your new wardrobe favorites. The only coats and jackets you’ll ever need in your wardrobe. Dressing for a casual day at the office? Always have a classic trench coat in pastel or black to finish your sleek, professional look, or a blazer that fits like perfection. With the trench coats and blazers from Goxip’s exclusive selection, you’ll be covered on any occasion - from doing business to enjoying cocktails. Ready to go out partying? Glam up with metallic hues, or let loose with a leopard print. You can turn it up a notch with a quality winter coat that will keep you both warm and chic when the temperatures drop. You can opt for belted styles if you want a dash of elegance. If your style is on the side of classic, our gorgeous fur and faux-fur coats will give you that crowd-stopper effect every woman wants. When it comes to jackets, there’s hardly a more classic piece than a good black leather jacket. You can wear it on practically any occasion to give your otherwise tame outfit a slight edge. If that’s not edgy enough - look for a trendy biker coat. A denim jacket will always deliver in times when you want to keep it casual, but our online assortment of women’s jackets has enough variety to make you have second thoughts about conventional fashion choices. Taffeta jackets in warm autumn colors are always a seasonal steal, matched with a pair of hip-hugging jeans, and a stylish shoulder bag. Give your winter wardrobe an extra flair For ladies who want to have extra options in their fashion repertoire, we have a variety of capes, ponchos, kimonos and more. You can mix it up with stunning new silhouettes and enjoy gorgeous materials such as chiffon and silk blends, or stay warm in cotton and wool blends. A poncho coat or shawl can be perfect for completing an autumn look, while a cape can give you a stylish layered vibe. And for trendsetting ladies out there, well, we have just the right styles of fringed, frayed, color-blocked and embellished coats and jackets that will give you the bold look you need. Shop women’s coats and jackets online at Goxip! Our runway-worthy selection of coats and jackets for women has everything you need to revamp your fall and winter wardrobe. Shop the latest styles, snatch an amazing deal and get your new fashion essentials!