21 Dec 2020

Failsafe Christmas Gifts That Are Sure to Impress Him Or Her

Failsafe Christmas Gifts That Are Sure to Impress Him Or Her  | Goxip

Despite Christmas likely to be very different this year, most of us will be celebrating at home and avoiding travelling to see families, that doesn’t mean all traditions have to be lost. One of the most important ones being: gift-giving.

As always, it can be hard knowing what to get someone, which is where the practical gift comes in. And hear us out, not all practical gifts need to be boring. In fact, it’s far better to gift someone something you’ll know they use. From unisex fragrances to chic scarves, shop 5 of the best practical gifts that won’t end up in the back of a cupboard.

A Scarf

A scarf is one of those things you don’t often treat yourself too, but everyone is always happy to receive - they’re are just so many styling possibilities. In terms of choosing a colour, a neutral like beige or grey (Pantone’s colour of the year) is always your safest bet. Or equally, an iconic print like Burberry’s heritage check will always be a failsafe choice.

Aromatherapy Candles

In addition to making your home more atmospheric, research has found that aromatherapy candles can also help to balance your mood, reduce stress and relieve anxiety. Different scents can also have a mood-boosting impact, for example, lavender can help offer a sense of calm.

Uni-sex Perfume

Perfume isn’t just for girls. Case in point, one of Byredo’s signature fragrances which are formulated to be unisex. Below we’ve selected three of our favourite gender-neutral scents on the market right now that are sure to impress him or her.


With everybody spending more time at home than ever, tableware is the perfect gift to give a homebody or foodie. A decorative style will also be something that they usually wouldn’t purchase for themselves.

Shoe Cleaner

This Christmas why not give the gift of clean shoes. Perfect for a sneakerhead bro or basically anyone who owns a pair of white shoes, Jason Markk’s shoe cleaner is sure to become their new best friend.
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