22 Dec 2020

Luxury Gifts You Can Actually Afford To Give This Christmas

Luxury Gifts You Can Actually Afford To Give This Christmas  | Goxip

Shopping for someone with luxury taste can be one of the hardest people to buy for. What doesn't he or she already possess that he has ever dreamed of owning? How do you enter this realm of luxury without making a complete fool of yourself?

If you’re looking for an extra-special gift this year, we have just the answer. Below we’ve collected the best luxury items from designer brands that are sure to blow your friend, partner, grandmother (you name it) away. And ranging from hundreds of yuan to under $5000, there’s a luxury gift option for all budgets. Get scrolling below.

Designer Lipstick

For the beauty lover in your life why not treat them to a luxury designer lipstick. Not only is a formula from Chanel or Gucci second to none, but the packaging will impress even the fussiest of friends. Go safe and choose a classic red or nude shade.

Designer Scarf

can chop and change as the mood (or outfit) takes you.

Designer Silk Scarf

Got someone in your life who loves to accessorize? Gift them a silk neck scarf which they’re sure to treasure for years to come. A printed, logo style is subtle, everyday glamour at its finest.

Designer Sneakers

Sneakers make for great gifts all year long, but the holiday season is the absolute best time gift someone with a new pair. A platform style from Gucci or Alexander McQueen is guaranteed to go down a treat.

Designer Logo T-shirt

Designer fashion doesn’t have to mean silk and expensive tailoring. There’s nothing chicer than a designer logo T-shirt. A style from Balenciaga or Saint Laurent is one to buy now and treasure forever.