22 Jan 2021

Which One Of These 3 Weight Loss Methods Work?

Which One Of These 3 Weight Loss Methods Work?  | Goxip

Weight loss is a common New Year’s resolution for everyone and with most of us having spent the majority of last year working from home, we’re all looking to break any bad habits that come with living in sweatpants and ordering takeaway every Friday night.

As we all know, weight loss in its simplest terms is about working out and eating well. However, two diets that are quickly gaining momentum are Keto and intermittent fasting. If you’re looking to get a jump start on your health and fitness goals this year, below we break down each diet and find out everything that you need to know.

16:8 Fasting

16/8 intermittent fasting is one of the most popular styles of fasting. It involves limiting consumption of foods and calorie-containing beverages to a set window of eight hours per day and abstaining from food for the remaining 16 hours.

This cycle can be repeated as frequently as you like - from just once or twice per week to every day, depending on your personal preference.

5:2 Fasting

The 5:2 diet, also known as The Fast Diet, is currently the most popular intermittent fasting diet.Five days of the week are normal eating days, while the other two restrict calories to 500–600 per day.

However, because there are no requirements about which foods to eat but rather when you should eat them, this diet is more of a lifestyle.

Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet" is a very popular method of weight loss in recent years, because it can effectively help you to lose weight in a short period of time.

On a keto diet, you are only allowed to consume a diet made up of 5% carbohydrate, 20% protein, and 75% fat per day. Through the intake of high fat, very low carbohydrate and moderate protein diet, the body is forced to burn fat, forcing the body to produce "ketone bodies", which replaces glucose as an energy source and helps you to burn fat.

Sadly if you go on a keto diet this will mean that you will have to give up favourites like noodles and fried rice, but the results - trust us - are worth it.

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