2 Jan 2022

Top Korean and Japanese Hair Dye Recommendations For 2022 Include "Line Dyeing", Wind-blowing Dyeing, & Gradual Dyeing!

Include "Line Dyeing", Wind-blowing Dyeing, & Gradual Dyeing!

Top Korean and Japanese Hair Dye Recommendations For 2022 Include "Line Dyeing", Wind-blowing Dyeing, & Gradual Dyeing!<br/> | Goxip

For fashionistas that are willing to try a new look, these are 2022’s most sought after Korean/Japanese hair colours. Line dyeing makes the list of hottest hair colours, alongside wind dyeing, graduation dyeing, and earring dye highlighting methods, all of which give a more layered look. As with all colouring, fading is inevitable but these looks, even after fading, look superb!

1. Line Dyeing

This kind of "line dyeing" is more detailed than ordinary highlighting through its precision line. This method emphasizes contrast and this takes place between the base colour and the highlight. The most sought after choices include balancing a darker hair colour with a lighter highlight and it seems to be the most effective.

2. Buried Yarn Dyeing

This process involves dying only small hair sections through highlighting techniques. The overall finish resembles a light yarn fluttering. The laid back approach to highlights is not overly exaggerated and super easy to maintain.

3. The Wind Blows

Wind-blowing dyeing is actually very similar to the popular earring dye method. The highlights are positioned on a small section of hair near the ears. At first glance, the aesthetic appears uniform but when the wind blows the hair around or the hair is pulled in a different direction, the highlights will appear perfectly. For this look, it is recommended to choose two shades lighter than your original hair for an obvious yet natural look.

4. Gradual Dyeing

Most suitable for girls who don't like to dye their hair frequently, because it won’t result in a drastic colour change. As your hair grows, the highlights will naturally grow and fade with it. The top part of the head is dyed with a darker shade and then with a gradual technique a lighter shade is introduced underneath resulting in a two colour approach. Popular colours include combining dark gray with light gray for a delicate and layered style.

5. Floating Light Dyeing

Floating dyeing is essentially the opposite to gradual dyeing. More sections are used to input highlights and in reverse, the darker colour is dyed to the end of the hair. Overall the colouring will appear extremely shiny in the sun, making it look immediately healthier and stronger!

6. Whitening

Whitening dye approach was first majorly loved and worn by Jennie! For those wanting to keep it more low-key, take a small handful of hair from the hairline and introduce a lighter hair colour. Whitening Dyeing can be utilised as a really effective reflective approach. It also has proven to enhance natural skin tone to make it look visibly brighter!

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