17 Dec 2020

5 Hairstyles With Bangs That Both Men And Women Love

5 Hairstyles With Bangs That Both Men And Women Love<br/> | Goxip

Before having any major hair cut, there are plenty of things to consider. Will you be able to style it easily every day? Does it suit your face shape? What about re-growth? There are plenty of things to consider.

For many women, the number 1 consideration is whether or not their husband, boyfriend or significant other will like their new look. To help us women out, recently a Japanese dating site conducted a survey to find out what hairstyles men find the most attractive. The answer? Bangs! But because we all know that not all bangs are created equal, below we break down the 5 best hairstyles with bangs to adopt now. Take note for your 2021 haircut.

No.5 Eyebrow-skimming Bangs

We love the youthful and playful look of short, choppy, eyebrow-skimming bangs. Not only can this style add structure to your face, but a short bang will also bring attention to your eyes.

No. 4 Short Curtain Bangs

Face-framing curtain bangs might just be about one of the most flattering hairstyles out there. Shaggy and effortless, they’ll bring a cool 60s/70s vibe to your look with minimal styling. Win/win.

No. 3 The Classic Fringe

The classic fringe will always be in style - it is a classic for a reason after all. However, this style has had an evolution in the last couple of years graduating from the block-heavy fringe we used to wear in our school days to more wispy styles that are much, much more chicer.

No.2 Face-framing Bangs

Do you want bangs that will instantly add dimension to your face? Ask for a face-framing cut, like this one, and you’ll be all set. This look is also perfect for girls hesitant to make the chop.

No 1. Side-swept Bangs

As number 1 on the list, side-swept bangs are one of those classic, versatile styles made to withstand the test of time. These bangs can be worn at various lengths, by any hair type or texture, on any skin tone at any age. It's no wonder they’re universally loved by both men and women!

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