17 Jan 2023

SELF-PORTRAIT: The most iconic brand for dresses.

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"The Self-Portrait dress should be a staple in every girl's closet," is a phrase that appears to be on the minds of many fashion enthusiasts. This British fashion brand was established by Malaysian designer Han Chong in 2013 and is known for its sexy and elegant one-piece dresses that have captivated many girls. Among them, the Azaelea dress was an instant success since its release. Crafted from cut-out guipure lace, the dress came in different versions in every collection. Self-Portrait dresses straddle luxury and affordability, often costing only HK$2-3,000, a price point that bridges great design with quality.

Princess Kate, Princess Meghan, and Princess Eugenie are among the British royals who have all worn Self-Portrait dresses among the many stars and celebrities who have worn the label. Self-Portrait dresses come in a variety of lengths, with medium lengths being the most suitable for the British royal family, whose dress requirements are strict and conservative. The white crochet maxi dress that Princess Kate wore to a movie premiere in 2016 is the most famous, with an all-white floral lace detailing and a thigh-high slit that is unforgettable and the dress has made Self-Portrait famous ever since. Princess Eugenie also dazzled in a stunning blue chiffon scallop midi dress for the 70th anniversary of the Queen's accession to the throne this year.

If lace is not your cup of tea, look at Actress Sienna Miller's ribbed-knit dress by Self-Portrait in baby blue, with flared sleeves and a keyhole cut-out at the sternum. The dress highlighted her incredible figure effortlessly with a bow-shaped bodice, a keyhole cutout in the center, and a low-cut neckline.

SELF-PORTRAIT: The most iconic brand for dresses. | Goxip

In this year's fall/winter collection, Self-Portrait has signed supermodel Gigi Hadid as an endorser. The model not only posed in Self-Portrait dresses for a photo shoot, but she also attended Han Chong's British Vogue x Self-Portrait Summer Party last month. The lime green sequined dress she was wearing and the bow bag she was carrying made her the center of attention! Can't decide which dress to wear? Just get them all.

SELF-PORTRAIT: The most iconic brand for dresses. | Goxip

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