9 Jan 2021

5 of The Best Cleansers Korean Girls Love

5 of The Best Cleansers Korean Girls Love  | Goxip

When it comes to beauty habits, most of us are skipping the most important step. No, not moisturising but cleansing! Cleansing our face is an integral part of our daily skincare routine and while it may seem fool-proof, it’s something many of us are not putting enough thought into.

Whether that’s down to using the wrong products or the wrong technique, a careless routine can lead to a long list of issues, from breakouts and clogged pores to increased oil production, premature ageing and irritation. When it comes to cleansing, we immediately look to Korean skincare for the best formulas. Ask any Korean girl how they achieve glass-glowy skin and they’ll immediately tell you that it all starts with your cleanse.

With that being said, recently Olive Young released its list of the most popular cleansers. Read on for the top 5.

(5)PONDS Makeup Remover

5 of The Best Cleansers Korean Girls Love  | Goxip

PONDS is known for its ts affordable and effective offering – and this makeup remover is no different. This weightless formula shifts even the most stubborn make-up while maintaining the skin’s moisture levels.

(4)1025 Dokdo Cleanser/Round Lab

A favourite amongst beauty experts for its gentle and non-stripping formula, this pH-balanced foam cleanser washes the day away whilst also helping to maintain healthy skin. It also contains 74 different kinds of natural minerals found in the deep seawater of Ulleungdo to balance and help soothe an irritated complexion.

(3)Greentea Pure Cleansing Foam/ROUND A’ROUND

If you have sensitive skin, this cleanser could be the one for you. Hypoallergenic and made with safe ingredients this cleanser hydrates and soothes skin with 7% green tea water.

(2)Pure Cleansing Oil/ma:nyo

This organic cleansing oil is like a heaven to apply. A rich and nourishing complex, it contains essential amino acids, fatty acids and vitamins for a light and nourishing cleansing experience but doesn’t leave the pores blocked and can even be used to effectively treat blackheads and acne.


This micellar water is a staple in French pharmacies—and for good reason. Ideal for sensitive and irritated skin, it’s formulated to soothe while it cleanses your skin and removes eye and face makeup in one step.

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