Glyco Water Exfoliating Tan Remover, Cleanser & Primer 200ml

USD 28
When it comes to reapplying your tan, there's no denying that you'll come across stubborn marks and streaks from your previous application. Tan Luxe's Glyco Water Exfoliating Tan Remover tackles the issue of those unwanted remnants with its vitamin infused formula. A cocktail of ingredients including Vitamins B, C, raspberry seed oil and aloe vera work together to gently tone and refresh, ensuring a clean base for your next tanning session. Tan Luxe Glyco Water Exfoliating Tan Remover, Cleanser & PrimerAttributes: Exfoliation has never been easier spritz the product directly onto dry skin, rub into circular motions and leave on for five minutes. Rinse off under warm water and buff with a shower mitt to leave skin flawless and hydrated200mlCruelty free & vegan