Mandom - Bifesta Cleansing Sheet 46 Pcs - 3 Types

USD 17
Brand from Japan: Mandom. Double-effect moisturizing cleansing factor: quickly spreads the cosmetics and dirt deep in the deep pores to the surface, ultimately achieving double cleaning. The skin is more transparent: when removing makeup, it can also wipe off the aging skin surface and restore a smooth and transparent feeling. At the same time remove makeup and moisturizing: contains lotion, remover and moisturize the skin, reduce friction on the skin. Oversized soft makeup remover: one can remove the entire makeup. The rubber cover of the bag is designed to prevent the cleaning paper from drying out and the last one to remain moist. In the morning, it is easy to change the cleaning and moisturizing steps. Moist Moisturizing type contains absorbent amino acids, powerful moisturizing, moisturizing and soft skin. Brightup Bright white can whiten skin. Using keratin softening ingredients and moisturizing vitamin C to gently remove the aged keratin accumulated by melanin, the skin will be bright and beautiful. Enrich The elastic type can improve the elasticity of the skin and make the skin smooth and delicate. Using Q10 Coenzyme and ceramide, it can effectively moisturize the skin and make the skin soft and supple. How to use: Remove the cleaning paper and gently wipe the surface to completely remove dirt and makeup. No need to use water after use, it can moisturize the skin.