EXCEL - Powder & Pencil Eyebrow EX - 8 Types

USD 26
Brand from Japan: EXCEL. With easy-to-draw pencil and fluffy powder with pearl feeling, beautiful eyebrows with blurring effect can be drawn easily. Extensive color development from basic to trend colors, which can be selected according to hair and eyes color, fashion. Smart function with three functions. Eyebrow make easily with 3 steps. Elliptic core pencils that are easy to draw gaps and delicate lines. Easy to apply shade, powder that further improved fit. Three-dimensional screw brush with soft touch. How to use: Step 1 Pencil: Draw one bottle up to the end of the eyebrows. Step 2 Brush: Blurring hair lines while blurring the drawn lines. Step 3 Powder: Three-dimensional beautiful eyebrows are complete if you put fluffy and nuance.