DHC - Dear Slim Massage Roller Face & Body 1 Pc

USD 193
Brand from Japan: DHC. Aiming at the massage roller which performs precession movement. The two rollers are massage rollers that make complicated movements called precession movement. Just hit the skin and roll and roll. Power supply is unnecessary, you can easily massage fully in any place anywhere, aiming for a beautiful face line and body line. Precession movement is the movement that the axis of rotation of a rotating substance swings like coma. DHC Dear Slim Massage Roller (Face & Body) enables a complex and versatile rolling movement by performing a precession movement on each of two rollers. Roller is lightly put on the part where feeling is bad, rolling lightly. Friction and rotation of the two rollers pick up and spread the skin, unravel muscle stiffness, promote blood circulation. Depending on the angle of the roller corresponding to your skin, you can adjust the strength of picking up. Use it at your preferred angle. Two complicated moving rollers squeeze and loosen the skin with a grudge. When the roller rotates and the distance between the two rollers decreases, the skin is drawn, and when the distance increases, the attracted skin returns to the original and is spread out. Prompting overtaking by this pinch and loose move will lead to a clean impression. The spherical blue grip fits snugly into the palm of a woman. You can easily adjust the angle of the roller that hits your skin by how you grip it, and you can freely massage the target area. To match mood, cool feeling & warming massage too. Rollers use steel with high thermal conductivity, you can enjoy a cold feeling massage or warming massage by chilling or warming up the main body. When refreshing, put the main body in the refrigerator or cool the ice to the roller. When you want to relax, hold the roller with your hand and warm it up. You can use them according to your mood and preference for the day. How to use: When using, remove the accessories such as necklaces and pierced. You may get involved. Be careful not to get caught in the hair. After use, wipe gently the dirt attached to the roller and the main body with dry cloth or cloth squeezed hard. Do not wash with water absolutely. When water is applied to the main unit, wipe it off with a dry cloth immediately. Keep it moist and cause mold and rust, so dry completely in a well-ventilated place.