15 Nov 2022

No More Twinsies: 3 Niche Brand bags That Are Truly One of a Kind

Hit up some of these independent labels to highlight your taste

There is nothing more exciting than discovering a niche brand that does something different with your look. Having trouble finding the bag that best represents you and your style? Keep calm, and read on.

There's something instinctive about chasing handbags - a timeless, unique carry-all that embodies our desire. While a lot of us love premium designer brands like Fandi's baguette and Chanel 2.55, or season's ephemeral; others, however, are more interested in emerging brands with function and durability, as well as style.

Over the last few years, we've seen a quiet shift in fashion from high-end to the high street, with a crop of new brands offering mid-range price points and directional designs. Their high quality and flair give them the lasting impact of a much more expensive bag. With that, we are serving up 3 under-the-radar labels

1. Femance

Femance, founded by two Hong Kong girls, Angel Tam and Celia Ng, brings high quality but affordable bags to bag lovers! As they said, “the brand aims to redefine luxurious fashion and create unique handbags” that can withstand the test of time. The popular Calla, the ceramic-like Vessel bucket bag, and the cute, cake-like Bloom small bag are all instant hits.

2. Little Liffner

The Scandinavian minimalist design and craftsmanship of Little Liffner have captured the hearts of girls who love subtle statement pieces. The label combines sculptural lines and shapes with a touch of playfulness, not to mention croc-effect leather and soft suede pieces, all for results that are both desirable and affordable.

3. Cafuné

It is no secret that Hong Kong is home to some talented individuals, from gastronomy to clothing, and there are some proud representatives to be found! Celebrities and influencers worldwide are drawn to Cafuné's signature item, an egg-shaped bag, since the company was launched in 2015 by Queenie Fan and Day Lau. With thoughtful design and thoughtful craftsmanship, Cafuné celebrates individuality and creativity.