Lar Neo Natural Eau De Nippon Skincare Lotion 日本之水 雫物語 (120ml)

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For ultra sensitive skin.

Hair, Head scalp, face, body can be used for releasing and soften your skin during the weather changing, also suitable to use during any of the seasons.

Skincare Lotion of>雫 take care of your silky skin

Can be sprayed after washing your hair and shower on the scalp, face, and body even with sensitive skin.

The whole bottle does not contain a drop of water.

For Face:

1. Press 8 to 10 spray directly onto entire face.

2. Press your face and neck gently with the lotion on face from the face, then press the palm gently. The warmth of the palm can help absorption.

3. >In dry weather, repeat the above steps 2 to 3 times. When is going to be ultra dry weather, soak the Lotion by the cotton pad, apply to the face 5 to 10 minutes, the replenishment effect will be much more better.>

For Boby:

Can be sprayed as a replenishment spray onto the whole body.

For Head Scalp:

After washing the head and hair, until the hair half dry when the direct spray on the scalp and gently massage with your fingers. No cleaning required.


water / loofah exudate

Mengzong bamboo stem extract

Rosemary extract

Mountain leaves / branch extract

Loofah fruit extract

Lactobacillus / bezoar Root fermentation extract

Lavender oil

Peppermint oil

Brewing alcohol

Lactobacillus fermentation broth

* The above ingredients are in accordance with the provisions of the Japanese Pharmacy Law and include 100% of the ingredients in each component other than the provisions of the Pharmacy Law, which are included in the "Pharmacy Law" public.

No added chemical:

No synthetic preservative / no mineral oil / no BG (butanediol) / no synthetic perfume / no synthetic pigment / no color / no paraffin / no silicon

>【Content>】 120ml

>【Period of use>】

Unopened shelf life of 3 years (after the use of preservatives unopened after use within 3 months)

Allergic experiment

Through the skin allergy test (but does not mean that all skin are not allergic)


After using the product, if you find any of redness, itching, tingling, peeling, white spots, dark spots and other abnormalities, please stop using it immediately and see your family’s doctor.

>【Origin>】 Japan