Selling on Goxip

Heads up to Designers, Crafters and Retailers!

We’re very happy that you want to join Goxip’s amazing collection Get in touch NOW and be among the first to try our beta and benefit from free listings: [email protected] Let the world discover and buy your products and designs.

All of us at Goxip love roaming the streets and websites of Asia, America and Europe searching for the next cool thing: hot brands, pop-up stores and word of mouth whispers.

That’s why we’re currently upgrading our platforms to provide a genuine and fresh marketplace for fashion, where young designers and established brands co-exist: it’s going to be intuitive, useful and as easy as (1) taking pictures, (2) describing your product and (3) setting the price !

Our revamped platform is being worked on around the clock by a team of dedicated, fashion-loving engineers and programmers – it’s coming soon. Fashionably yours, Goxip

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