Belts & Braces

Explore a range of baby belts and braces at Goxip Hong Kong. From monochrome logo braces to colourful red belts, there are items here to suit every little one (no matter what the occasion). Looking for something they'll enjoy wearing? Shop toy tool belts that let them pretend they're a builder for the day. Want to dress them in your favourite labels? Discover styles from designer brands including Tommy Hilfiger, Dolce & Gabanna and Gucci.

Best baby belts & braces in Oman Kids’ belts and braces might not be an absolute necessity, but they’re a cool accessory to have around for those important occasions when you want to style up your little one. If there’s an occasion where your little boy needs to be properly suited, don’t hesitate to complete his little gent dressy outfit with a top-notch designer belt. At Goxip you can choose from a variety of belt and brace designs - from simple and versatile pieces you can use for everyday wear, to some more luxury pieces for when you truly want your boy to shine! Our designers have made sure the belts and braces in our selection are as durable and practical as possible, thanks to the elastic design and quality materials. Shop designer baby belts & braces online at Goxip If you’re looking for a smart, canvas or striped belt or a pair of retro little boys’ braces for that occasional dressy look, then you won’t be disappointed with Goxip’s selection!