HYPERFADE™ Dark Spot Microdart Patch HYPERFADE™ Dark Spot Microdart Patch

Beauty Bay
USD 15
A pack of microdart patches to help fade the appearance of postblemish marks.Struggling to get rid of stubborn postblemish discolouration? Then you’ll be needing ZitSticka’s HYPERFADE™ – a pack of microdart patches that lighten and brighten the appearance of dark spots left behind by blemishes. Each patch is made up of 24 selfdissolving microdarts that target the regenerative ingredients exactly where you need them. Enriched with hyaluronic acid to hydrate; niacinamide to balance uneven skin tone; vitamin C to brighten; and arbutin; a key ingredient involved in halting melanin production; these patches pack a punch of powerful ingredients. Proven to lighten and fade the appearance of fresh; stubborn dark spots; these patches are the fastforward patches for your postblemish woes.Wanna see how these spot patches work? See our beauty editor’s before and after [here]( https://www.beautybay.com/edited/beforeafterwetriedthezitstickahyperfadepatches/)One of the best skincare products on BEAUTY BAY; according to you – find out why [here]( https://www.beautybay.com/edited/bestskincareproductsaccordingtoyou/)