Supersmile Crystal Collection Toothbrush - Orange Sunstone

Glow Gorgeous
USD 19
SuperSmile's Crystal Collection Toothbrush, designed by Rubin Singer, satisfies the highest standards of beauty and performance. Effectively cleans under the gum line and polishes and whitens the teeth at the same time. The Supersmile® Crystal Collection features a slim, lengthened Lucite handle, ergonomically shaped with a series of indentations to guide hand-positioning to the ADA-recommended 45˚ brushing angle, as well as 5 tufted rows of soft, rounded nylon bristles. These elements of unique and improved design yield the softest, most thorough brushing experience yet. Gently massaging the gums and cleaning teeth, the Collection reaches delicately beneath the gum-line (the sulcus) where plaque accumulates and causes decay. A flat bottom also enables each brush to stand upright for hygienic drying. Available colors: Orange Sunstone, Pink Diamond, Green Peridot, Blue Lapis and White Coral