Solgar MenoPrime Tablets - Pack Of 30

Cult Beauty Ltd.
USD 20
Totally vegan, plant-based and made without hormones, sugar or gluten, these MenoPrime supplements help to alleviate some of the symptoms associated with menopause.Supporting women’s health and helping to promote a positive mood, MenoPrime uses a combination of saffron and Siberian rhubarb — two extracts that have been clinically studied and proven to provide support in alleviating the symptoms of menopause. While the body is producing less oestrogen (which causes the body to behave differently), the saffron in these supplements works to improve mood by supporting calm and relaxation. The Siberian rhubarb works harmoniously alongside the saffron to ease the severity of hot flushes and night sweats, all while reducing the gravity of other symptoms like vaginal dryness, sleep disruption and mood changes.