Love Wellness The Killer In Beauty: NA.

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Love Wellness The Killer in Beauty: NA. Love Wellness The Killer in Beauty: NA. The Killer by Love Wellness is a boric acid suppository that maintains normal levels of vaginal yeast for a healthy vaginal environment and pH.. Safe, gentle, and fragrance free.. Cruelty, Gluten, and Dairy-free.. Do not take orally. Safe for vaginal use only.. 14 suppositories. With clean hands, insert into the vagina at bedtime as needed for up to 14 days. Insert only after you have fully emptied your bladder.. You may benefit from using after sex, or during the last days of your period.. Expect some discharge over the course of the night (Love Wellness suggests wearing a thin pad to protect undies) but understand that this is normal. Avoid sexual intercourse during treatment. LWLL-WU1. LW KILLER.