26 Jan 2021

The Best Bottega Veneta Bags to Invest In

<br/>The Best Bottega Veneta Bags to Invest In <br/> | Goxip
Kering Group announced its sales results in the middle of last year. Under the economic recession of the virus pandemic, the group's Gucci and Saint Laurent are facing the impact of sales decline. The former's performance has dropped by about 23%, and Saint Laurent has also dropped by 12.6%! It can be seen that the epidemic has caused a lot of impact on sales performance. However, in the low tide of the epidemic market, there is still a "strong general" who locked up sales instead of falling! This is the favourite of fashion people, Bottega Veneta after Daniel Lee took over! Its sales increased by 8.5% over last year, and jumped by 10.3% in the first three months of 2020! Bottega Veneta's spring and summer collections in previous years were very popular, and wholesale orders increased by 55.1%!!! It can be said to be a miracle brand of the epidemic!
<br/>The Best Bottega Veneta Bags to Invest In <br/> | Goxip
Bottega Veneta has repeatedly created bag styles that have quickly become both street style and Instagram hits - there wasn’t a feed the Cloud bag didn’t grace. People have even been saying "New Bottega = Old Celine". It’s a known fact that Daniel Lee was Phoebe Philo’s right-hand man and both have very similar aesthetics.
<br/>The Best Bottega Veneta Bags to Invest In <br/> | Goxip
As Bottega Veneta continues to become one of the world’s most in-demand brands, it’s bag resale prices have been climbing, joining the ranks of brands like Chanel and Celine. If you’ve yet to invest in the brand, below we’ve listed 5 of most popular handbags.

Jodie Hobo Mini Bag

<br/>The Best Bottega Veneta Bags to Invest In <br/> | Goxip
The Bottega Veneta Jodie Shoulder Bag is named after actress Jodie Foster and inspired by the time she used her BV handbag to cover herself from the paparazzi. Notable fans include Hailey Bieber and basically every Victoria Secret model.

Bottega Veneta The Pouch

<br/>The Best Bottega Veneta Bags to Invest In <br/> | Goxip
The Pouch Clutch was responsible for making Bottega Veneta one of the most talked-aout brands of the year, and even took the fifth spot on Lyst’s Hottest Women’s Products list for Q2 2019. The Pouch is a classic investment piece and one you know won’t go out of style any time soon.
In addition to the classic pouch bag, the brand has also launched The Shoulder Pouch and The Chain Pouch! The Shoulder Pouch with leather straps first appeared on the market and caused a rush to buy, and The Chain Pouch is a favourite among the style set.

Bottega Veneta Cassette Bag

<br/>The Best Bottega Veneta Bags to Invest In <br/> | Goxip
The Cassette Intrecciato Leather Cross-Body Bag evokes the label’s ‘made in Italy’ tradition, having been woven in Veneto, Italy, using Bottega Veneta’s iconic Intrecciato technique. The technique involves working carefully with individual strips of leather by hand to form the seamless bag design.

Bottega Veneta The Arco Bag

<br/>The Best Bottega Veneta Bags to Invest In <br/> | Goxip
This Bottega Veneta Mini Arco Woven-Effect Shoulder Bag is one of the newest bags in the AW20 collection. It may be a lot smaller than the Arco 33 bag, but its sleeker look makes it perfect for when you’re after an investment piece that is guaranteed to go with every outfit.

Bottega Veneta Twist Bag

<br/>The Best Bottega Veneta Bags to Invest In <br/> | Goxip
The Bottega Veneta Twist Tote Bag is a design unlike any other. The zip opening sits at the bottom of the bag whilst the top handle is shaped like a knot for a soft finish. This is a statement bag ideal for a statement outfit.
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