Rembrandt Oil Box Set Of 13

MYR 1620
Since opening its inaugural store next to the National Portrait Gallery in the early eighties, CASS Art has been on a mission: to fill cities with artists. Part of the label's curated collection of art essentials, this Rembrandt kit contains oil colours and all the accompanying tools you need to create your next masterpiece. Now, where's the canvas?CASS Art Rembrandt oil boxContains: 12 Rembrandt Oil Colours 40ml, Rembrandt Oil Colour 60ml, Royal Talens White Spirit 75ml, Royal Talens Oil Paint Medium 75ml, Rembrandt brush Series 200 no. 8, Rembrandt brush Series 201 no. 4, Rembrandt brush Series 208 no.12, painting knife, charcoal sticks, twin dipper, wooden palette, colour mixing brochure