11 Oct 2019
Nicole Leung

Become the Awesome-Twosome!
Your Ultimate Guide to Mini-Me Style

Let’s be adorable and chic (times two) with your kids!

Become the Awesome-Twosome! <br/> Your Ultimate Guide to Mini-Me Style | Goxip

When you simply look up the term 'minime' on Instagram or Facebook, you're probably bound to be flooded with images of stylish parents or celebrities in matching outfits with their kids. We’d be lying if we said we didn't want to join the game after seeing them. The mini-me trend is so popular that it won’t go away any time soon. There’s nothing more adorable than twinning with your little ones, And coordinating outfits with your kids is not just about being stylish and cute, but also a special bonding activity for the family. Here is our ultimate guide to Mini Me Style.

Prints like stripes or checks are the easiest elements to match, and they will never go out of style. Matching prints can let you make a statement with yours kids yet still look effortless. You’d gonna love how chic you look as you spend quality time together.

As for textile, starting with denim will be a smart move. Versatile, comfortable and stylish, can you ever go wrong with it? You can try the same jeans styles (skinny, baggy, etc.), or identical washes and rips will do as well. Feel free to make leather pieces your next best friend.

Choosing basics in neutral colors is a safe bet as well. Why not go matchy-matchy with your little ones in some wardrobe staples?

You can also become awesome twosome with some coordinated statement accessories. For example, scarves are versatile pieces that can freely share with your kids. You can wear them on your necks, or use as hair accessories. Other than that, you may also consider hats, sunglasses and shoes that are in the same style.

Afterall, when it comes to rocking the Mini Me Style, we are developing the own fashion sense of our kids, too. So remember don’t just mirror, but match! And keep it fun! Feel free to scroll through Mytheresa and look for something you both really like, and start twinning today! (Don’t forget to strike a pose and share the photo on Instagram!)

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