Suzy bae revealed her romantic relationship with Lee Dong Wook!

Check out her lovely K-style!

Sherry Yeung

Today's biggest news is definitely Suzy Bae and Lee Dong Wook is in a relationship! Lee Dong Wook is 13 years older than Suzy, but they made a perfect couple and we are all so excited for the new!

1.Little white snekaers

2. The famous 'Suzy Bae' lip colour

She is of course the queen of red lips, try her favourite Lancome L'Absolu Rouge now with 25 % off! < /p>

3. Romantic ruffles and pastel colours

She is also a fan of romantic style, try her favourite ruffles and pastel colours for SS18!

Suzy Bae's Instagram,Cosmopolitan KR
Suzy Bae
Lee Dong Wook
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