5 May 2023

First aid after a sunburn! Five steps to protecting your sensitive skin

The importance of after-sun care cannot be overstated

The unusually long summer will soon come to an end, but the scorching sun appears to have no intention of letting the girls' skin go. Standing in the sun for ten minutes can cause a burning sensation on the skin. The importance of after-sun care cannot be overstated, even if you plan to use sunscreens. Follow these five steps to protect your young skin from sunburn and tanning.

First aid 01: Cool down your skin

You spent the entire day in the sun and unintentionally burned your skin? You can either use toner to apply to your face until your skin recovers to its normal temperature, take a cold shower, and try to avoid using cleansing products like body wash to prevent irritation.

First Aid 02: Soothing the skin

We should immediately begin maintenance and recovery after cooling down. Natural ingredients like chamomile, aloe vera, cucumber, and other skin care products keep the skin's cuticle from drying out and alleviate the discomfort of inflammation.

First Aid 03: Moisturize

A moisturizing solution can help to repair dry skin caused by sun exposure while also aiding in skin whitening. Before using whitening skin care products, remember to use a calming and soothing mask or freezing mask, or cream designed specifically for red, unstable skin. Use natural, fragrance-free skincare products to hydrate the skin and repair damaged cells, and avoid irritants like alcohol and fruit acids.

First Aid 04: Hydration

After being in the sun, the body will lose a lot of water in addition to developing scorched skin. While sports drinks can enhance electrolytes in the body rather than just hydrate, replenishing water can hasten the recovery of a sunburn.


Sun protection should be layered up a week after sunburn to minimize further damage. Then, you can apply high-protective sunscreens, such as isolation sunscreen cream against UVA and UVB, from everyday activities outside.

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