3 niche minimalist designer watch brands to look at!

Chic and affordable! Scandinavia elegant designs!

Sherry Yeung

Minimalism is the big trend of 2010s, the 'less is more' rules can apply to any kind of lifestyle. One of the golden rules to live a minimalistic life si to invest on something timeless but practical, just like the three designer watch brand we're going to talk about. It's always great to invest in some well-made great design, a simple but elegant watch is definitely something worths to invest in.

1. Picto — Scandinavia minimalism watches

Picto is a designer watch brand from Dermark, the brand's ultra minimal designs are timeless and practical,the lovely watches are now a part of The Museum Of Modern Art (MoMA)'s curated art work as well, and you can own a piece of art with affordable 15% off now.

2. Arne Jacobsen—Scandinavian Modernism and Functionalism designs

Arne Jacobsen is the master of Scandinavian Modernism and Functionalism, his watch designs are all minimalistic with classic retro touch, shop now with 15% @ Secoo.net now!

3. Newgate—Retro art piece from UK

Newgate is a designer watch brand from United Kingdom, collaborating the finest British style with an elegant touch, just like owning a piece of British history.

Picto, [email protected],@linegramhansen,@arnejacobsen_watches
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