Treat your sensitive skin with Nine Oriens all-natural skincare!

Let your skin feel the organic goodness and love!

Sherry Yeung

Spring and Summer is here, to comfort the very sensitive skin, a whole new set of natural and organic skincare is very important. To help the skin to cope with the humid and warm weather, the most gentle but effective skincare from Nine Oriens is the best choice for your skin!

1. Affordable and gentle! Magical Cleansing Oil for all skin type!

Nine Oriens is one of the best selling brand in Harvey Nichols Hong Kong, the lovely hero product is Magical Cleansing Oil, which include all-natural plant oil with all the goodness to your skin, suitable for all skin type especially sensitive skin!

2. Afforable with high performance! Pampering Tonic is the second step for clean and hydrated skin!

Nine Oriens's Pampering Tonic is formulated with all-natural floral water with plant oil, not only can exfoliate your skin without irritatation, but also can gently hydrate your skin with great softness and brightening power!

3. Multi-purpose all natural Tender Balm!

Tender Balm is made with all-natural ingredients, the all-in-one moisturizing balm to give your irritated skin the immediate soothing effect.

Check out all Nine Oriens products now, and start your natural skincare experience riht away!

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