20 Feb 2023
Ally Cheng

More than just makeup! NARS is back with a bang with its first skincare collection

3 reasons why you should try it!

More than just makeup! NARS is back with a bang with its first skincare collection | Goxip

NARS has created an avant-garde and unique brand image, with a white logo emblazoned on black cosmetic packaging, and underneath this simple exterior lies a strong color that brings out a mysterious and seductive feeling. The popularity of its cosmetics is well known, almost every time a new product is launched, and the brand's most famous is the "orgasm blush" called #ORGASM, the annual sales volume is high enough to circle the globe 32 times! But this time, we are not going to introduce NARS cosmetics, but rather a line of care products that are overshadowed by the strong aura of makeup. This year, this series is back with an upgraded version, with 3 main points to enter into the eyes of everyone!

1. A combination of pure ingredients and a light texture for maximum hydration

NARS is very particular about its make-up, with an emphasis on bringing out the luminosity of the skin and make-up, but the brand knows that make-up alone is not enough and that skincare is needed to create the best skin tone. This is why the brand has developed its first "Naked Light Care" range, which is designed to suit different skin types and make-up needs. This year's upgrade includes the exclusive star ingredient "LRC", which adds luminosity to the skin, and is enriched with hyaluronic acid, gold fortified peptides and camellia flower extracts to create a powerful hydrating effect and a soothing pre-makeup. Moreover, the texture is light and gel-like, making it ideal for the current summer season.

2. 4 basic products to simplify the skincare process for beginners and lazy people

The NARS "Naked Light Care Series" consists of 4 simple products, eliminating the need for bottles and jars, including an instant hydrating lotion, a serum to enhance skin renewal, a moisturizer to rejuvenate the skin and an eye cream to repair the eye area. This collection simplifies the skincare routine into 4 steps without any application techniques, making it perfect for novice skincare users and the first choice for busy office workers to get the most natural and perfect skin in the quickest time.

3. Pure white and transparent packaging for a strong contrast

In contrast to the brand's usual packaging, the packaging of the series is pure white instead of dark black as the main tone, and also adds transparent elements, in line with the series' main concept of natural brightness, so that people can associate with perfect naked skin as soon as they see its appearance, and for packaging control, it is absolutely irresistible!

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