A must-buy list for traveling to Japan!

Best Japanese Skincare Brands That You Cannot Miss

It has always been my motto to choose European and American brands for cosmetics and Japanese products for skincare. Because of the vast differences in skin texture between European and American make-up brands, I have a hard time finding skin care products that are appropriate for Asians, even if I prefer the European and American style of make-up to the cutesy style of Japanese and Korean. Japanese skincare products, on the other hand, are not just developed for Asian skin, but also produce a wide selection of moisturising products for dry skin, particularly ideal for girls with dry skin. If you're visiting Japan, don't miss out on these three Made in Japan skincare brands!

HANA organic

HANA Organic's "the best skin I've ever had" philosophy is based on using organic ingredients, avoiding those derived from animals or petroleum, and instead employing plant-based cleansing ingredients and natural fragrances to achieve a natural look without killing the skin's native bacteria. Because of the scientific foundation of natural plants and the more than 80 years of experience of experts in Japanese and Chinese medicine, the HANA Organic skincare line is able to effectively target various skin problems at every age, especially products with a whitening effect and sunscreen.


Hua Mi Lian uses the chamomile herb, a Japanese national treasure, to create skincare products that are both safe and effective. Chamomile is grown on contract domestic farms as well as organic farms with JAS certification. Instead of chemical preservatives, concentrated domestic chamomile extracts and naturally produced components, as well as ethanol fermentation, are used. No synthetic fragrances, preservatives, colouring agents, mineral oils, or other ingredients are utilized. A variety of skin care products that are not only very moisturizing but also referred to as sensitive skin people's natural lotion boost the skin's moisture density.


"Use natural materials to create something we want to use every day" is the brand's philosophy, which is to use Japanese ingredients such as sake lees, kelp, flaxseed oil, and red beans. As a brand that opposes animal testing and uses natural ingredients from Hokkaido in its skincare range, its main objective is to bring its products from Made in Japan to every corner of the globe. In addition to the best-selling perfume, the brand's classic "Sake Toner" contains ingredients that quickly penetrate the skin, and is made with pure rice wine meal from

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