British heritage meets modern chic! David Beckham's favourite Kent & Curwen is now on summer sale!

Budget-friendly polo shirt, T-shirt & Rose patch tops!

Sherry Yeung

David Beckham is one of the most influecial style icon in the world, and he is famous for his huge love to British brand Kent & Curwen. Looking at images from past decades of Oxford and Cambridge sporting teams, Kent & Curwen's creative director Daniel Kerns partnered with global super star David Beckham to create the effortless chic SS18 collection for the gentlemen who are looking for traditional meets modern British look. On top of the summer mark down discount, you can also enjoy buy 3 for extra 5% now, shop now or regret later!

1.Classic rose patch tops

The signature 1926 Rose patch is another famous design element of Kent & Curwen, sweatshirts are great choice for off-duty leisure style.

2. Elegant Polo Shirt

One of the most iconic piece of Kent & Curwen is definitely the Polo shirts. Inspired by the brand's heritage since 1926, the elegant and functional Polo Shirts are all gentlemen's must-have item in their daily wardrobe.

3. Chic T-Shirt for all-purpose

T-shirts are all made with 100% cotton, which hug your body with the softest fine material and keep you cool all day long.

Kent & Curwen
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