12 Nov 2021
Danny Chan

The Secret Message that Care Card Tells You!

Chanel label Reveals Everything From The Production Date And Season And When You Should Buy And Sell It!

The Secret Message that Care Card Tells You! | Goxip

There are a lot of questions when it comes to buying and selling second-hand goods. The goods are often titles with codes like "21K" and "19A", which doesn’t detail anything further. When searching for goods and information in a specific season, the Chinese "Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter" entails different names for each season, and with Chanel also launching Pre-collection, the easiest method to go by is Chanel's official code. These tips are the handiest yet!

21P/ 18C represents the year and series (Year / Season)

The Secret Message that Care Card Tells You! | Goxip

21 = 2021; V / REV = Classic / Continuous Collection rare classic series; P = Printemps Collection Spring Act 1 Spring/Summer 1-March; S = Summer Collection Spring Act 2 Spring/Summer 3-June; A = Autumn Collection Pre-Fall, Metiers D'Arts Early Autumn Handcraft Workshop Series from May to September; B = Fall/Winter 1 Fall/Winter 6-October; K = Fall / Winter Act 2 Fall/Winter Act 2 August-November; C = Cruise Collection Vacation Series 11-January

6-digit style code (style code) and 6-digit material code (material code)

Common style codes are: A01113-classic flap small size; A01112-classic flap medium size; A37586-2.55 reissue 225 small size; A37587-2.55 Reissue 226 medium size; A67085-boy small size; A67086-boy medium size. The coding library of the material is one that everybody cares for. Knowing that the two raw materials of lambskin and caviar skin have helped a lot. Of course, there are also Tweed and some seasonal materials that are added to the codes. If you have a favourite colour number, we suggest you make a note of it to help you find some styles of that same colour. Serial Number (left) is very useful for ladies who adore the classics but also love a seasonal colour. It is also easy to locate the year of production for this style.

Colour coding (colour code)

The Secret Message that Care Card Tells You! | Goxip

The colour code is 5 digits. For example, Figure 2 is NB354, which is navy blue 354, military blue. A common colour coding code is 94305 army, and 10601 white. M is the abbreviation of metal metal; gold is gold, and many labels are white instead of silver!

The Secret Message that Care Card Tells You! | Goxip

If you know this code, you have the brand's information at the tip of your fingers. Your shopping IQ shouldn't be based on shopping alone, if you can learn how to read labels, you’ll be an expert when it comes to buying and selling!

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