24 Jan 2021

The 5 Best Investment Designer Bags Of 2021

The 5 Best Investment Designer Bags Of 2021<br/> | Goxip

When it comes to wardrobe investments, it's safe to say that a well-chosen designer handbag is one of the best purchases you can make. Why? Because it's guaranteed to add a fashion-forward and luxurious touch to every outfit for years to come.

Below, we're highlighting five of the best designer handbags to invest in for 2021.

(1)Celine Triomphe Embroidery

Celine’s contemporary Triomphe bag is a sophisticated and practical accessory that has swiftly become a must-have in every fashion lover’s closet.

Its bag’s logo is similar to the Celine logo introduced in 1973 modelled from old chains around the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, and thereby bridges the gap between legendary craftsmanship and Slimane’s contemporary flair.

(2)Dior Bobby Bag

The Dior Bobby bag made ita debut as part of Dior’s Fall 2020 collection and is named after Christian Dior’s beloved pet dog. It has a sleek and classic silhouette featuring a half-moon, rounded base and a single buckle flap to keep everything inside safe.

(3)Chanel 19 Mini Bag

Let's be honest: Chanel is always a good investment. Its bags continue to hold a high resell value no matter what decade they hail from. A new favourite among the style set the mini 19 bag bears all the hallmark of its classic flap bag - just smaller and dare we say cuter.

(4)Bottega Veneta The Mini Pouch

Bottega Veneta is set to have a year just as golden as the last. The mini version of its popular Pouch bag features a gathered hinge frame, then opens to reveal a coordinating interior. Wear it with multiple outfits.

(5)Saint Laurent Kaia Bag

Saint Laurent’s Kaia shoulder bag is strikingly sophisticated and modern, characterized by its clean design and intricate YSL closure. No doubt we'll be spotting this tote all over our Insta feeds in 2021.

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