Give your home a fashion makeover with Gucci Decor!

Guccify your home with style

Sherry Yeung

To all the Gucci lovers, the brand is launching their own Decor line and it's as fantastic as their ready-to-wear collection! The whole collection has the coolest artistic vibes, to help you to fully Guccify your home into highly decorative art house.

Gucci's candle is top items that very fashion people are dying for, the classic art ilustration with floral fragrance notes can instantly warm up your house with elegant taste.

Delight your home with elegant retro cushions, to show some unique personalities and stay playful.

陶瓷品則取經自1735年創立的義大利陶瓷老店Richard Ginori,以傳統好手藝將插畫人手塗上陶瓷品,令下午茶與餐點化成一次藝術饗宴。全線家品現已登陸,希望選購心愛珍藏者絕對不能錯過。

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