15 Aug 2022

Low-rise jeans are back - Look how GEN Z’s millennial style subverts traditional aesthetics

MIU MIU revives low-rises and mini skirts with cute crop tops, but the other popular Y2K aesthetics for women also went viral. And what’s more? The thong pants trend, also known as the "whale tale”, is all the rage on the internet.

It's not too long ago Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and other 2000s fashion icons were sporting ultra-low waist pants with exposed underwear. Today, these pants are again popular among European and American girls, and are even receiving stamps of approval from celebrities, like Dua Lipa who wore a pair of loose-fitting jeans with a bedazzled lace pantie slung across her hips, and a yellow Diesel T-shirt.

#Standard Essentials for Beginners: White Briefs

Girls may have forgotten their teenage white cotton pants, especially their compy briefs in the mid-rise style. When worn with low-waisted pants or skirts, white undies can be a very risqué item for an alluring sexy look. The tighty-whitey energy leaves pretty much the perfect finishing touch to the look, and the exposed collarbone and abdominal line give off a strong feminine flavor.

#Ultimate Goal for Sexy Girls:Bikini Bottom

Have you ever thought that bikini can be one of the popular essentials? Bikini bottoms are the first choice for sexy outfits, with a seductive charm expressive of a woman's unique physical beauty. As Bella Hadid swaddling her bikini bottom in recent daily street photograph, jazzing up her ensemble with a pair of low-slung jeans or or black leather pants, simple and elegant, bikini bottoms becomes a low-key, yet defining accoutrement .

#The #proportional savior: unisex BOXERS

For girls who are not yet confident in their midsection, pair a bodysuit that emphasizes your shoulders and skims your midsection with boxers and low-waisted pants to layer your outfit. Spice things up with new combos that shows off your flesh, from your collarbone to waist. No matter what shapes and sizes you are, take an outfit from nada to ta-da!

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