Forbes Top influencer goes to …. Chiara Ferragni!

Who doesn’t love her strong shoes game!

Sherry Yeung

Chiara Ferragni is named the top fashion blogger of the year by Forbes. From Blonde Salad to her own designer brand, her journey includes a lot of street style, which is the base of her glam career.

1. Platform sneakers
Her collaboration with Superga achieve great success! But she’s not only the spokesperson for the brand, she is the real lover of Superga’s platform sneakers. Match the sneaker with mini skirts is so easy yet so edgy.

2. Pointy toes
Her own brand’s slip-on shoes are very popular over the world. While she always match her pointy toes shoes or slip-on with simple slim-cut jeans and t-shirt, how simple but how cool is her!

3. Boots for Fall
Her boots game is definitely strong as well! Match boots with mini skirt, can cheat a bit of the body proportions and gives you longer-looking legs.

4. Ankle boots
If knee boots are too much to handle, ankle boots are always the easiest yet coolest choice. Match it with skirts, jeans or anything of your choices!

Chiara Ferragni
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