The #COTTAGECORE style is sweeping through the fashion world!

The girlie look is irresistible!

The frantic speed of life is accompanied by a plethora of irritating and petty things, making people yearn for a slower and easier life, and the fashion world is no exception. The #Cottagecore garden style has progressively gained popularity this year, following the uncertainty of the epidemic and the perplexity of the post-epidemic era.


Combining the terms "cottage" with "core," #Cottagecore celebrates the return of rural culture through picnics, baking, farming, flower arrangement, ceramics, embroidery, and other activities By reverting to the activities of an earlier era, we are relieving and escaping from reality pressures with a surrealistic atmosphere, and a fresh and nostalgic environment.

Fashion manufacturers strive to express #Cottagecore by blending natural fibres like cotton, linen, and knitted textiles with delicate floral embroidery or lace designs, creating an aesthetic that is sweeter and more comfy than boho. Both the JACQUEMUS and the LE CHOUCHOU collections for Spring/Summer 2021 were inspired by rural Southern France, with the former emphasizing nature through nostalgic motifs and the latter through crochet lace to portray the charm of idyllic elegance.

The #cottagecore way of interacting with nature

The #COTTAGECORE style is sweeping through the fashion world!<br/> | Goxip

The #Cottagecore aspect gives off a classic romantic fairytale vibe, with fresh florals, natural colors, and a relaxed fit, and even Kylie Jenner has moved from sexy to #Cottagecore, wearing a blue and white floral one-piece from Californian designer Doên, with a ruched, corseted bodice design. Kylie's dress is pretty and simple, with a ruched bodice and an A-line skirt

Model Gigi Hadid chose a softer take on the beach-ready #Cottagecore style, pairing a beige knit dress with a pink bikini set, which is naturally sheer and unnoticeable, making it all the more appealing.

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