14 Sep 2022

Every time we sell, every time we sold out! 5 tips on CHANEL TWO-TONE SHOES

Why have CHANEL's iconic TWO-TONE SHOES remained so popular for years?

There are many Chanel classics - the little black dress, the No.5 perfume, the 2.55 bag, the soft tweed jacket, the pearl necklace, and many more - and the two-tone shoes, which have been on sale since 1957, are a must-have for many fashion lovers. Here are 5 things you should know about Chanel Two-Tone Shoes.

1. Two-tone design

The classic Chanel two-tone shoe is designed with a black toe and beige body, which makes the foot look smaller. The black toe is also stain-resistant, while the thick heel gives women more stability when walking.

2. 5CM heel

Coco Chanel's designs are all about comfort and fashion. This pair of shoes is designed with a slingback and thicker heel, which not only keeps the feet in place but also has a 5cm high heel, which allows women to wear a beautiful leg line and feel comfortable at the same time.

3. Inspired by men's shoes

Every time we sell, every time we sold out! 5 tips on CHANEL TWO-TONE SHOES | Goxip

For a long time, shoes have been designed mainly for men, with only aristocratic women wearing them indoors. It was only in the 1920s and 1930s that Coco Chanel drew inspiration from her everyday sailing shoes and transformed them into elegant, sporty two-tone shoes for women.

4. Made in Italy

All Chanel's two-tone shoes are made by Italian shoemakers.

5. KARL LAGERFELD makes it great

Karl Lagerfeld, who joined Chanel in 1983, dedicated his life to the House and, before his death, was committed to perpetuating Coco Chanel's dedication to fashion and her spirit. The two-coloured shoe has evolved from a high heel to a flat shoe, a high heeled boot and a sandal, all of which were made famous by Karl Lagerfeld.

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