Quiet luxury - Princess Kate’s new go to?

Aspinal of London presents the new Mayfair 2 collection

“Quiet Luxury” has emerged this year as a breath of fresh air after a spate of flashy logos. As the name suggests, this style embraces understated elegance and refined sophistication, without the distracting visual fatigue of loud colors and is gravitated to exquisite fabrics, and meticulous attention to detail. Aspinal is a London-based brand that is a ‘Quiet Luxury’ favorite of the royal family, and can be seen on many celebrity and street style photo shoots. Aspinal of London has been spotted on Jennifer Lopez, Gigi Hadid, and Princess Kate on both red carpets and in street style shots.

From a Niche Brand to Princess' Favorite

Aspinal of London, founded in 2001 by Iain Burton has always been built on quality materials and craftsmanship, with the contemporary design of handbags, and bespoke handcrafted leather stationary for museums and art galleries. Prior to the launch of the Mayfair collection in 2013, the brand's most iconic bag was made from shiny snakeskin embossed with different colors; this bag quickly won over Princess Kate, an avid supporter of British brands; the black and white version of the bag in particular left a lasting impression on her. She has frequently used the elegant and noble styling to match with the Mayfair bags, demonstrating her royal flair.

Loved by celebrities and royals alike

Jennifer Lopez and Gigi Hadid brought the London sensation to the streets of America by carrying exquisite Mayfair bags. J.Lo paired hers with an elegant green coat and floral dress, while Gigi Hadid paired hers with a simple black leather jacket and jumpsuit, which on the other hand, brought a very different flair to her look by embodying the youthful appeal of Mayfair.

New Clutch Recommendation 1: Mayfair 2

With the Mayfair 2 collection, Aspinal of London updates a decade-old classic for a fresh take on vintage and quiet luxury by replacing the Mayfair handbag's shield lock with a bolder aesthetic, angular statement silhouettes and the iconic chunky chain sling that's both salty and sweet, yet highly versatile. In addition to the classic color palette of black, red, gold and silver, this season's collection features more classic and elegant elements in evergreen, soft taupe and ivory, conveying minimalist sophistication, quality leather and unique timelessness. The most noteworthy is the ombre croc that hints at defiance.

New Clutch Recommendation 2: Mayfair Clutch 2 & Ava Clutch

The two clutches by Aspinal of London are made from the same leather and long chain straps for a subtle look that draws inspiration from both classic and modern styles. Made by skilled artisans using pebble grain leather for a couture look, the new Ava Clutch line continues to be logo-free, with a vintage twist on the classic cigarette clutch. The bag's shape is rectangular without being rigid, and the structured leather contrasts with the gold-colored strap, creating an appearance that is both classy and clean.

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