29 Jul 2021
Danny Chan

“I only shed tears before, but now I sweat." How Adele Lost The Weight.

"I have body image problems just like everyone else, but I don't intend to let it ruin my life."

“I only shed tears before, but now I sweat." How Adele Lost The Weight. | Goxip

Adele, who hasn't appeared in public for a long time, releasing her last album "25" back in 2015 has achieved 45 kilograms weight loss in the past year! She jokingly said on a show: "I know I look very different now. In fact, because of all the limitations of the new crown pneumonia, I have to pack light and only bring myself. Half of it comes up. This is the half of my choice." Humorously showing the effect of losing weight has had on her.

According to media reports globally, Adele is determined to lose weight, not because she wants to be beautiful, but because she wants to be healthy and set a good example for her son. It's no wonder that Adele's weight loss has not been a sickly rapid one, but a healthy and slow downsize, which is more inspiring and pleasing to the eye as a whole. Adele’s weight loss success has been discussed in European and American circles, with everyone wanting to know her secrets and how she lost weight. Below we reveal what experts and fitness coaches say:

Slimming Diet Method

In "The Sirt Food Diet”, co-authored by Glen Matten, PhD in Nutritional Medicine and Aidan Goggins, a dietitian, holds the theory that people can increase their body's metabolism and improve health by eating foods that can activate Sirtuin enzymes, which in turn help to banish cellulite. High Sirt Foods include the likes of celery, turmeric, soybeans, buckwheat, kale, red wine, dark chocolate with a cocoa content of more than 85%, and other low-calorie foods, which allows you to consume more calories in the space of 24 hours.

Advanced Pilates

Pilates reformer is a sports equipment that enables you to achieve everything from simple stretching to difficult jumping movements, and can be used for multiple purposes, to effectively train all parts of the body. Adele's fitness coach revealed that this is her most obsessive training method.

Quit Smoking And Alcohol And Drinking 10 Cups Of Tea A Day

Before losing weight, Adele would drink ten cups of tea with two spoons of sugar each (very British style). “After quitting this bad habit, I frankly feel more energetic. In fact, completely sugar-free drinks are a big step in a healthy life, so you might as well try it”!