PRADA BEAUTY makes a bold entrance into the fashion-forward city of Hong Kong

Be mesmerized by their exquisite new MONOCHROME lipstick series

Beyond renowned beauty brands, it's no secret that many prestigious fashion houses have been venturing into the world of beauty, unveiling captivating cosmetic collections. From the highly acclaimed YSL Beauty to the buzz-worthy debut of Hermès, the latest addition to this illustrious lineup is none other than Prada Beauty. With the grand opening of its premier boutique in Hong Kong, the brand's devoted followers can finally rejoice as they indulge in a long-awaited fashion-infused beauty experience.

While you are no stranger to their perfume collection, get ready for a whole new concept with their two iconic skincare and makeup offerings. Prada Beauty is about to take you on a unique journey like no other. For a comprehensive skincare and makeup experience, Prada Skin series takes the spotlight, emphasizing the harmonious fusion of ingredients and your skin. It provides a holistic approach to care, ensuring your skin receives the utmost attention and nourishment. But that's not all! Introducing the brand new Prada Color series, a vibrant exploration of diverse makeup possibilities. It's all about self-expression and embracing your unique style. Using cutting-edge 3D technology and precise computer calculations, Prada Beauty has crafted shades that are unparalleled in the physical world as they bring these virtual hues to life through meticulous laboratory experiments.

Just like the brand new Prada Monochrome lipstick series, the inspiration stems from the elegant lip makeup seen on the runways of the first Ready-to-Wear fashion show in 1988. The Soft Matte Intense Color Longwear Lipstick, with its white base, creates a brighter effect, reminiscent of that sophisticated matte lip look. On the other hand, the Hyper Matte Intense Color Longwear Lipstick, with its black undertone, brings forth deeper and more powerful shades. The design of these lipsticks perfectly embodies the brand's pursuit of fashion excellence. They feature distinctive gold and silver square rings as accents, showcasing the iconic elements of Saffiano leather and Re-Nylon regenerated nylon, which are synonymous with the Prada brand. The lipstick caps proudly display the Prada triangle logo, adding a touch of minimalist elegance that is simply irresistible.

Another supersta product of the brand is the all-new Prada Balm lip balm, which is an absolute must-have for any fashion enthusiast.. With its reparative formula enriched with probiotics and jojoba oil, it enhances lip hydration and provides a natural matte effect. The balm can be applied alone or used as a primer for the Prada Monochrome lip makeup. The refreshing and distinctive Prada classic green undertone breaks gender barriers, making it suitable for both men and women to enjoy!

Harrods, Fashionista