13 Mar 2023

Retro cinema-inspired parent-child ensemble!

Twinning with your little ones in the legendary Gucci

A parent-child outfit that sticks to the simple principle can never go wrong, but sometimes it may be seen as a little too plain. Trying to find something more fashionable? Gucci is an excellent choice for those seeking a flashy, sophisticated, and bright look with a vintage movie vibe.

Since Alessandro Michele became creative director in 2015, Gucci's adult and children's collections have been filled with flamboyant and vintage design elements, emphasizing intricate details and mixing a variety of colors, prints, patterns, and embellishments for a stunning visual experience. If you get the hang of the brand's key tone, you can easily match any parent-child outfits.

Retro cinema-inspired parent-child ensemble!  | Goxip

Distinctive Logos

Logos by Gucci are highly distinctive and recognizable, leaving a lasting impression even in retro designs, and are always perfect for both adult and children's clothing. To see how a brand logo can be subtle and classy, look at Gucci.

Retro cinema-inspired parent-child ensemble!  | Goxip

Glamorous prints

Gucci's designs in recent years have been more flamboyant, taking maximalism to its logical conclusion and embodying the more complex, more beautiful attitude of fashion. A visual feast is created by superimposing and mixing colorful and exquisite prints with bold colors.

Retro cinema-inspired parent-child ensemble!  | Goxip

Classical refinement

Alessandro Michele's aesthetic prowess is on display in Gucci's classical and stately designs for men and women, as well as children's clothing. A variety of three-dimensional decorations and seam details are used to enhance the design, in addition to the precise use of materials and colors.

Retro cinema-inspired parent-child ensemble!  | Goxip
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