26 Feb 2021

The Biggest 2021 Spring/Summer Street Style Fashion Trends Revealed & They’re Affordable!
Dress Like the Fashion Bloggers You Admire !

The Biggest 2021 Spring/Summer Street Style Fashion Trends Revealed & They’re Affordable!<br/>Dress Like the Fashion Bloggers You Admire !<br/> | Goxip
The Charles & Keith Gabine Saddle Bag is the hottest handbag from Spring/Summer Fashion week. And according to fashion influencers such as Yoyo Cao and Aimee Song, the structured leather bag with buckle detailing, is the IT bag of the season! This time, the must have fashion accessory is within reach, thanks to it’s pretty decent price tag!
The suit is a key feature amongst street style fashion, however there are multiple ways to wear the staple look due to the sheer variety of shapes, sizes, colours and tailoring. With the option to dress bold and brave in striking colours, cool and collected in casual collections or formal in sophisticated takes on the look, suiting up just got a whole lot more exciting! From same shade matching jacket and trousers, to contrasting colours and shorts with jackets to loose fitted tailoring pieces, we are sure that any woman can wear this trend. For smaller framed females, we suggest Fashion Entrepreneur and Influencer Yoyo Cao’s style for inspiration. Her pink suit pops, offering a refreshingly girly way to wear reworked clothes and she pairs with the Charles & Keith’s hot Gabbine Saddle Bag for an added feature to the already bold look.
The Biggest 2021 Spring/Summer Street Style Fashion Trends Revealed & They’re Affordable!<br/>Dress Like the Fashion Bloggers You Admire !<br/> | Goxip
The Khaki Gabine Saddle Bag can be paired with pretty much any colour. Pink, black and white are highly fashionable matches, but for the more adventurous, the easily wearable khaki accessory can be worn alongside any colour to make a statement!

Simple Loose Knitwear

Loose knitted vest tops have taken a stance alongside suits as a key staple for the reworked look. Appearing as part of many street style looks, the simple item complements most outfits. Paired with long skirts and trousers, you’ll achieve a relaxed overall aesthetic. But the versatile piece has been spotted in fashion alongside shirts and bows giving a more sophisticated feel.
Aimee Song prefers neutral colours and minimalist approaches to fashion trends. For the current reworked fashion movement, she wears loose sweaters, loose fitting trousers and simple accessories. The Fashion Blogger & Designer is also a fan of the Charles & Keith Gabine Saddle Bag! The bold details including the metal buckle is easily matched with classic tailoring.
Eyewear Designer Tamara Kalinic also favors simplistic takes on trends. Her spring and summer fashion week styling was laid back and consisted of few items. She wore a simple dress and accessorised with a bamboo Scandi bag. Sooner or later, she’ll be spotted wearing the highly sought after Gabine Saddle bag to hold everything from her camera, keys, phone, vest and even a lipstick!
Whilst black bags remain top contenders as any outfit’s best accessory, white is the must-have colour choice for spring and summer this year, demonstrated by models during Fashion Week as the freshest colour to show off this year.

Colourful & Pattern

But it’s not just the neutrals and basics that are popping up across the colour scene. Spring and summer fashion week showcased everything from bold colours to patterned dresses and jackets too. Bright colours took stage to stand out from the crowd. Fashion icon Tamu Mcpherson repped this style in a bright coloured checkered coat, paired with a sharp yellow top and white Gabine Saddle bag.
Aka is another celebrity adding popularity to the bold print and white bag trend. She wears a black and white checkered print dress and the most desired Gabine Saddle bag in white for her take on the mega trend!
Because the Gabine bag is so popular! Nothing else, it is practical and fashionable, and at a very attractive price, it is in the middle of the petty bourgeoisie! If you can’t buy a Gabine bag, bloggers also recommend the following styles: CHARLES & KEITH The lacquered twisted Hobo bag is a hot choice other than the Gabine bag. Both black and red colors are very prominent! CHARLES & KEITH The lacquered wrinkled bag, the unique design without any compartments in the bag is one of the highlights of the bag, and you can go out without any effort! It is most suitable for creative girls who are full of fantasies and imagination, with lacquer and bright appearance and unique personality.
CHARLES & KEITH Trapezoid strap handbags, exquisite leather and metal details are matched with a temperamental but not pretentious style. For urban girls of any style, they are practical, easy-to-fit, fashionable and eye-catching.
CHARLES & KEITH geometric tailoring handbags have a strong sense of design and a variety of back styles. The bag is amazed by its powerful practicality. In addition to being portable, it can also be used in European and American street photography and Korean girl group idols. We often use the "underarm bag" way to use it, setting a model for your elegant and noble attitude towards daily life.
CHARLES & KEITH D-shaped buckle shoulder bag, simple appearance and detailed processing show the brand's sophistication. If you don't deliberately pursue attention, you will naturally attract attention, especially the very domineering gold buckle is the drawing dragon point of the bag. Qingzhi's pen, even if it's just a time for lunch with colleagues, is absolutely fashionable and moving.
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