21 Dec 2019
Vocelyn You

5 Lip Care Tips In Winter To Keep Your Lips Moisturized

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5 Lip Care Tips In Winter To Keep Your Lips Moisturized | Goxip

The temperature has dropped a bit recently and the weather is getting dry. Chapped lips are most common in winter, when the cold, dry air dehydrates our skin. It is important to keep your your lips moisturized during winter. Therefore, you must bring a lip balm with you all the time. Lip care methods are not as simple as what you think. There’re so many misunderstandings in the way how to use a lip bumb correctly. For example, is it more effective to put on lip balm 3 times or 10 times per day? Is it better to wear a lip balm with SPF all the time. Today, I want to recommend five lip care methods. Let’s see how much you may already know.

Tip 1: Be Careful When Buying Scented Lip Balm

In order to increase customers’ purchase desire, brands produce lip products contain colors, waxes or fragrances such as citronellol, geraniol, lanolin etc. It may cause irritation and allergies to the skin, including rashes, redness and swelling, especially when you have wounds on the skin of your lips. Therefore, those who are sensitive to perfume ingredients should not use lip balms containing these ingredients.

Tip 2: Your Lips Also Need Sun Protection

Everyone knows that the face needs sun protection, but most of us neglect to protect their lips and prevent it from the sun. If you need to do outdoor activities or water activities for a long time, you can use a lip balm with related functions. But if you stay indoors most of the time, it is enough to use a moisturizing lip balm.

Tip 3: Lip Balm Should Be Applied Up And Down

5 Lip Care Tips In Winter To Keep Your Lips Moisturized | Goxip

I believe that most people wear lip balm horizontally, so do I. However, like brushing your teeth, you should apply lip balm from top to bottom and apply it along with the texture of your lips. This can make the oils of lip balm fully penetrate into the lip gap, to achieve a more ideal moisturizing effect.

Tip 4: Optimal Time For Wearing Lip Balm

Lip care common mistake: The more you wear, the more moisturizing your lips will be. The lips actually have their own repairing function. If you put on lip balm too often, which may lead to dry conditions. Applying 3-5 times a day is the most ideal. After getting up in the morning, after each meal, bury the training.

Tip 5: Lip Care Is Needed Throughout The Year

5 Lip Care Tips In Winter To Keep Your Lips Moisturized | Goxip

Although lip care is particularly important in autumn and winter, it’s necessary to use lip balm all year round. Applying lip balm 2-3 times a day can make your lips hydrated and shiny.

Regular use of lip balm offers the fastest remedy for chapped, dry lips. How many tips have you heard of before? Check out our website and find your favourite lip balm products!